BT has bright idea to steal Amazon credibility

BT has seemingly got tired of a reputation riddled with accounting scandals and mediocre football coverage. Amazon has a good brand so why not tie up with its cloud computing business?

The new partnership will help BT grow its ‘Cloud of Clouds’ portfolio strategy, focusing on networking, security and managed cloud services. BT will hope such an association will provide more credibility as they aim to helps customers consume and utilise AWS at scale. The effects of handsome Gavin Hasselhoff Patterson seem to be waring off, and the Ryan Reynolds adverts were frankly a bit irritating, so why not go for something a bit more traditionally associated with the telecoms space. And who doesn’t love a partnership.

“The new strategic collaboration with AWS represents a major evolution in BT’s Cloud of Clouds,” said Bas Burger, CEO of Global Services at BT. “Together, BT and AWS are uniquely placed to help customers around the world remove complexity from their digital transformation journey. Today’s announcement is just the beginning, with much more to come.”

“Cloud is the new normal and organisations around the world are moving their applications to AWS so that they can focus on delivering the best for their customers,” said Gavin Jackson, UK Managing Director at AWS. “BT’s investment and expertise in the cloud will further help enterprise customers fully leverage the scale, security and agility of AWS.”

One of the initiatives which will be launched through the partnership will be known as the ‘hybrid cloud landing zone’, which essentially is a hybrid-for-dummies guide, while another will be a new portfolio of services focused more specifically for the security conscious. These products will include embedded network security, anti-DDoS and threat intelligence, all of which will be available through the AWS marketplace.

We applaud BT’s more traditional approach, now if only it could have a chat with its mates over at EE to see if they can be convinced to ditch Kevin Bacon. Whoever thought that was going to be a good idea should be told to sat in the corner.

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