Deutsche Telekom are Beliebers! Who would have thought it

While EE has been trying to reinvigorate the brand by rolling out the creaking Kevin Bacon, DT has decided to go down a slightly more modern route.

To promote its StreamOn content platform, DT has enlisted the help of one of the world’s most popular, and controversial, popstars; Justin Bieber. The campaign will features a number of adverts in the run up to Christmas, as the team attempt to move away from what would be considered a traditional feel-good Christmas advert.

The campaigns will begin on November 20, featuring on TV, online and in print, as well as at points of sale, promoting unlimited music and video streaming without having to use up your mobile data allocations.

“We’ve set ourselves apart from the look and feel of the classic Christmas advert in the new campaign,” said Michael Schuld, SVP for Communication & Sales Marketing at Telekom Deutschland.

“This year we’ll won’t be using any Christmas clichés. Instead we’ll be putting our trust in the emotional power of storytelling, together with an attention-grabbing top star with a close affinity to the product.”

How this venture into the world of brand endorsement goes remains to be seen, as while Justin Bieber certainly commands a cult-like following of Beliebers, he is not a person who always in the papers for the right reasons. But perhaps this could be used to DT’s advantage? The next time Bieber finds himself on the wrong-side of right, he could live-tweet the predicament using a zero-rated DT offer as not to eat into his data? DT could even live-stream egging ventures or Biebers bumper-car impressions on its own platform!

Considering the opportunity for scandal, this is certainly isn’t a move we would have expected from the usually cautious Germans. Maybe EE block-booked Kevin Bacon and all the other irrelevant celebrities for the next 18 months?

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