Virgin Media launches easy mobile VPN service

Virgin Media Business reckons it can tap into the growing remote working trend by enabling people to access their work VPNs from their mobile devices.

The new service is called Business Anywhere and is set to launch in the UK in January 2018. The company reckons this is a first, but people have been able to access corporate VPNs remotely for some time so it looks like this is more of an initiative to make it easier.

‘This new system does away with time-consuming and awkward verification processes, replacing user-authentication with automatic SIM card authentication,’ says the press release.  ‘Once activated, the SIM creates a direct link into a company’s IPVPN using part of the existing wired line. Mobile data is routed automatically into this private network, removing the need to log-on or for the user to manually verify the device.’

“We know that businesses want simple, secure IT solutions that just work,” reiterated Rob Orr, Executive Director – Sales, for Virgin Media Business. “Business Anywhere allows remote workers to access everything they need to collaborate while away from the office. It sets a new standard for remote working by allowing people to carry their corporate network with them wherever they go. Our customers will no longer be constrained by the physical footprint of their office, staff will spend less time travelling, improving productivity whilst cutting costs.”

This new service uses the EE network for the VPN connection. It does seem quite handy but it remains to be seen whether the relatively straightforward process of logging into a VPN the old-fashioned way is a sufficient pain-point for companies to go to the extra expense of subscribing to an extra service. Demand for this sort of thing may be restricted to workers that spend pretty much all their time in the field.

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