Google makes very familiar moves with its assistant

Google has taken the first steps towards realizing its virtual assistant dream with a glimpse of how the internet giant will make money out of the venture.

A new feature has been introduced on the Assistant platform in which Google will recommend local businesses to the user when there is a problem in the home. This could be anything from finding a plumber to a babysitter or a decorator, but once the assistant has found out a few more details about the problem the user is facing, it can essentially act like an intelligent Yellow Pages in recommending a potential solution.

“No matter what questions you’re asking – whether about local traffic or a local business – your Google Assistant should be able to help,” said Google Assistant Product Lead Gummi Hafsteinsson. “And starting today, it’s getting better at helping you, if you’re looking for nearby services like an electrician, plumber, house cleaner and more.”

As you can see from the gif below, the Google is essentially taking its successful advertising business from the internet and giving it a brain. It has moved the business of referrals and featured adverts onto the Assistant platform. This is one way which we believe the smart home will be monetized and also why Google is in a very good position to make billions more.


The manufacture of smart home goods might make a good chunk of change for certain segments of the value chain, but the real fortunes lie in services. This is where recurring revenue can be realized, and considering thousands upon thousands of advertising relationships are already in place in the Google machine, the internet giant is in a very strong position.

Right now it is just for things around the home, but it can in theory be expanded to anything, just like Google’s internet search page. Before too long, the Google Assistant might be able to recommend a pub to watch the rugby in, or what to do on a date, or where to go on holiday. In each example, Google will be making a little bit of cash, just like it does with your internet searches.

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