Vodafone UK seems to have finally sorted out its customer service issues

Bad Customer experience

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has published its latest customer complaints numbers and they indicate Vodafone has finally sorted out its customer service.

In Q3 2017 Ofcom received ten complaints per 100,000 users for Vodafone. That still makes it the most complained-about UK operator but only just ahead of BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Mobile. The bad news for Vodafone is that it still has a way to go to get down to the level of the other MNOs, all of which got three complaints per 100,000.

But credit where it’s due. Vodafone seems to have finally come to the end of several years of customer service nightmares that were significantly exacerbated by a botched BSS update. As you can see from the chart below Vodafone used to be much worse than everyone else but it is at least now in the same zone as everyone else.

Ofcom Q3 2017 mobile complaints

“We’re shining a light on how different providers perform, and it’s clear many need to up their game on service quality and complaints handling,” said Jane Rumble, Ofcom’s Director of Consumer Policy. “People expect high standards from their providers, and companies must put their customers first.”

There’s no pleasing some people eh? You have to wonder how low the complaints level would have to be for Rumble to cheer up a bit. To be fair she was commenting on all the different services Ofcom tracks so here are the rest of them too.


Ofcom Q3 2017 landline complaints


Ofcom Q3 2017 broadband complaints

Pay TV

Ofcom Q3 2017 TV complaints


Ofcom Q3 2017 total complaints

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