Telefonica to bring 5G to Segovia and Talavera de la Reina

In partnership with bickering Nordics, Ericsson and Nokia, Telefonica has launched the 5G Technological Cities project, converting two cities into 5G living labs.

Segovia and Talavera de la Reina are the lucky two to be selected as part of the initiative which will carve the roadmap for 5G deployment across Spain. The project will take place over the next three years, including the initial 5G capacity, the deployment of a new 5G network and the development of various use cases.

And if you thought the Nordic tension was easing, don’t get your hopes up too much. Next month you’ll see them at opposite ends of the MWC networking hall, and Telefonica has taken steps to separate the two squabbling duo, with Nokia working in Segovia and Ericsson in Talavera de la Reina. Apparently the petulant pair cannot be trusted to get along inside the perimeters of one city. Tapas would be flying everywhere as each claws at the others antennas.

“With the 5G Technological Cities project, Telefónica is turning the technology of the future into reality and providing a constant service for people,” said Luis Miguel Gilpérez, CEO of Telefónica España. “This is why we will perform the technological deployment and use cases in parallel, so that we will serve people with the new technologies, one of Telefónica’s clear objectives.”

“The most important ones (5G usecases) in Spain are related to tourism, which we have worked on with FITUR and which we are currently demonstrating,” said José Antonio López, Chairman of Ericsson España. “One of the key aims of this project, in which we are pleased to cooperate with Telefónica and the City Council of Talavera de la Reina, will be to promote tourism, demonstrating 5G’s contribution to economic growth and the benefits Spaniards will enjoy as a result.”

“The possibilities it will offer to society and the different sectors of the industry in its digital transformation, enabling this diversity of new applications, many of which are still to be imagined,” said Álvaro Sánchez, Manager of Telefónica’s Account at Nokia. “Projects such as the one presented today by Telefónica are a great opportunity for all parties to advance on the road towards the consolidation of the digital revolution.”

Aside from the tourism use cases, which will focus on the development of VR and AR, as well as other areas, the connected car is a focal point as well. As part of the same announcement, Telefonica announced partnerships with Seat and Ficosa, to develop applications connect vehicles to the road infrastructure and citizens, in order to improve safety and traffic management.

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