Ericsson rolls the dice on another alliance, this time covering energy efficiency

The Ericsson Energy Alliance currently includes Vertiv and NorthStar and is designed to augment the Ericsson Radio Site System.

Vertiv is all about power systems and enclosures, while NorthStar specialises in energy storage and batteries. Adding them to the Erisccon radio site mix is expected to improve the overall offering, especially for more remote sites, as well as opening up new sales channels for everyone concerned. The alliance also gets to play the eco card thanks to things like solar panels and general energy efficiency.

“Network evolution begins at the site,” said Nishant Batra, Head of Product Area Network Infrastructure at Ericsson. “This is a true complementary partnership. The alliance members are combining the best of their radio site technology, skills, and abilities to bring a broadened, more flexible, and competitive portfolio to the table to help service providers in their 5G evolution through the Ericsson Radio System.

“We continue to onboard suppliers for additional product categories with sharp focus on sustainable energy. Service providers want and demand seamless evolution. The Ericsson Energy Alliance helps to provide that.”

“This Alliance reflects our relentless focus on R&D as a key to addressing the numerous challenges of this fast-paced digital world,” said Vertiv EMEA President Giordano Albertazzi. The partnership with Ericsson allows our companies to join forces and achieve long-term, profitable growth by becoming even more incisive and competitive in the market.”

“We are excited to join Ericsson in this energy alliance after 15 years of successful collaboration,” said NorthStar CEO Hans Lidén. “The energy alliance will allow us to more effectively address and satisfy regional site needs through joint efforts with Ericsson and Vertiv. I’m convinced that we will be able to utilize our combined strengths to increase competitiveness for the benefit of our customers and our three companies.”

Apparently the alliance has been up and running since last year so maybe Ericsson, understandably, wanted to see if it was going to work out before it started shouting from the rooftops. Ericsson is hosting another of its Kings College 5G-fests today too, so maybe it thinks it has finally figured out this strategic partnership business.

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