BT Mobile joins Vodafone as most complained about UK mobile provider

Bad Customer experience

Ofcom has published its latest moaning charts and they reveal Vodafone finally has company at the top of this list of shame.

The last time we checked in on the list Vodafone was still top but had been steadily getting its act together and was only just ahead of BT Mobile. Three months later Vodafone has managed to keep the complaints to a manageable level but BT has had a bit of an uptick and Vodafone has been relegated to second place for the first time in living memory.

This seems to be part of a general pattern or poor customer satisfaction from BT, which has long been the most complained-about pay TV provider, has long been among the most complained-about broadband providers and is consistently above average when it comes to landline complaints.

“These figures give people the information they need to shop around and compare providers’ performance,” said Jane Rumble, Ofcom’s Director of Consumer Policy, as ever. “The scorecards also motivate companies to improve their performance, and we want to see them follow through on their promises to give customers better service.”

Here are all the charts.


Ofcom Q1 18 complaints mobile

Pay TV

Ofcom Q1 18 complaints TV


Ofcom Q1 18 complaints broadband


Ofcom Q1 18 complaints landline

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