Nokia launches services to help telcos with their 5G efforts

At 5G World 2018 Nokia unveiled a bunch of services designed to help operators with the major undertaking of moving to 5G.

The main offering is Nokia 5G Digital Design, which uses AI to simulate 5G use cases to help with real-world design and stress test the business cases for them. There’s also a Cross-Domain Architecture service that claims to help with the technological transition to 5G and the New Site Evolution service is all about modernizing base station sites and that sort of thing.

“5G network evolution is not only about the radio, but the entire cross-domain architecture and how operators can manage I,” said Sanjay Goel, President of Global Services at Nokia. “It’s about where to invest first – and how to keep the investments and total cost of ownership under control. Nokia’s use case-focused 5G services recognize that operators might initially want to use 5G for different purposes: some to offer consumer services, others focusing more on industrial applications.”

In other news Nokia has completed a 5G NR data call in partnership with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The special bit about this test is that it not only featured 5G over 3.5 GHz, but LTE over 2.1 GHz in parallel. This ‘dual connectivity’ is significant in smoothing the transition from 4G to 5G as it lowers the risk level for operators.

“We are pleased to showcase our end-to-end capabilities in 5G in this successful call and trial with MIIT,” said Marc Rouanne, president of Mobile Networks at Nokia. “Nokia is ready to support dual connectivity with the AirScale radio access portfolio as it is upgradeable via software to 5G and provides single RAN support for 4G, 4.5G Pro and 4.9G as well as legacy technologies. As a result we can help our customers meet their early 5G deployment schedules and initial coverage demands.” will be covering 5G World and the broader TechXLR8 even extensively, so make sure you check back regularly.

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