3 + BT + SSE = 5G, FYI

UK MNO Three has announced a new deal that gives it access to a bunch of BT local exchanges to augment its backhaul. This will be handy for 5G, we’re told.

This move was made possible by a new project undertaken by SSE Enterprise telecoms to unbundle 177 BT exchanges over the next two years, thus enabling it to offer wholesale fibre services itself. Three is the first customer to seize this opportunity, which SSE is virtue-signalling as being a significant contribution to UK fibre access or something like that and Three seems to be adopting a similar position on 5G.

“By significantly increasing our access to fibre, we are putting our network on the best footing possible to take advantage of the benefits of 5G technology,” said Bryn Jones, CTO at Three UK. “Our customers use 3.5 times more data per month than the average UK consumer and this deal will help us maintain our leadership in providing a fantastic data service. Fibre is essential to the UK’s digital future and more needs to be done to improve its availability to ensure that the UK benefits from 5G at the earliest opportunity.”

“5G will allow Three UK to grow capacity on its network more than twenty-fold,” said Colin Sempill, MD at SSE Enterprise Telecoms. “But for 5G to live up to its potential, the right infrastructure must be in place. High capacity fibre connectivity is absolutely critical. We’re fully invested in supporting the UK’s digital ambitions, demonstrated in our recent investments in expanding our network, and it’s exciting for us to be playing such an important role in Three UK’s journey towards a 5G future for consumers and businesses.”

Three says this deal will allow it to increase its network capacity 20 times, which is pretty significant and necessary since it anticipates UK punters hoovering up 90GB per month by 2025. Oh, and in case you missed it, this will make it really good at 5G too. SSE, meanwhile, seems to be positioning itself as a major fibre backhaul provider thanks to this project.

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