Oh go on then, have a couple more weeks

Only the cruelest of websites could fail to be moved by the vehement desperation of your pleas, so we’re giving two more weeks to submit your Glotel Awards entries.

But that’s it OK? No amount of threats, emotional blackmail or claims of mitigating circumstances will persuade us to budge from the new deadline of 10 August. To be honest some of us think we’ve been far too generous as it is, and that you’ll never learn if we keep letting you off the hook, but once more the bleeding hearts have had their way.

So what on earth are you waiting for? What could possibly be more important when your professional reputation is hanging in the balance? “Last year I selfishly decided to take my one holiday of the year instead of sending in my entry but I won’t be making that mistake again, that’s for sure,” said Denis, a telecoms marketing manager who is barely clinging on to his job and who only spoke to us on the condition that we don’t reveal his name. “I just hope other people can learn from my horrendous experience and get their priorities right.”

Bravely spoken Denis, it takes a strong person to admit to their mistakes. Denis has suffered so you don’t have to, dear reader. It’s only slightly hyperbolic to note that entering the 2018 Glotel Awards could make the different between professional triumph and catastrophe. So go on holiday if you want – we’re not stopping you – but don’t come crying to us when your competitors are basking in the unique glory of owning a Glotel Award.

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