EE dangles students from a crane

In order to make some kind of statement about 4G, EE suspended a small movie theatre full of students from a crane.

The publicity stunt is being billed as the world’s first 4GEE cinema in the sky. It consisted of attaching a small stage with seats and a screen to a 100 foot crane, then getting students from the Goodwood Flying School to sit on it while it was lifted up. EE says the screening was 4G-powered, but didn’t specify how. There were popcorn-carrying drones though, so fair enough.

“Over the next month we are going to be travelling thousands of miles to areas we’ve recently switched on with 4G, to deliver unforgettable experiences to those communities, only possible over our award winning 4G network,” said Pete Jeavons, Director of Brand Marketing at EE. “As part of our ongoing partnership with BAFTA, we constantly challenge ourselves on how to bring film to new audiences using the power of our network, and 4GEE Cinema is a great example of doing just that.”

“BAFTA and EE have had such a longstanding and successful partnership because we share a commitment to helping audiences discover and enjoy great cinema in new and innovative ways,” said Tim Hunter, Director of Learning and New Talent at BAFTA. “We fully support EE in its continued ambition to bring BAFTA-winning films to rural communities.”

That’s it really. EE seems to have achieved its objective by getting coverage from a credulous mainstream media happy to take even the most lightweight press release at face value. As indicated in the canned quotes there are further such stunts planned, but in the meantime here’s a vid.


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