Finns launch digital version of driving license

The Finnish Government has unveiled plans to roll out a mobile version of driving licenses which will be available through an app.

The proposed the amendment to the Driving Licence Act will see the mobile version introduced onto the driving license application as an option. The electronic application would be a free, optional service to be used in addition to traditional driving licences.

“The mobile driving licence is one practical example of what can be achieved through digitalisation in the transport sector,” said Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner. “The mobile driving licence is a new way for drivers to prove their right to drive when required to do so during traffic surveillance.”

While the technophobes and conspiracy theorists will be pointing to everything which could go wrong or the idea of increased government control, we like the it and are quite surprised it has taken this long to table such a suggestion. From our perspective, it perfectly fits into the evolution of everyday life being supported by digital.

Some might fear the power mobile devices are being given over our lives, though the number of cases of fraud have been minimal over the last couple of years. There are people who are protective over identification and how these documents can be used for nefarious activities, though the mobile money revolution has seemingly been adopted without particular incident. There will of course be incidents of theft or fraud, but these have not been wide-spread enough to cause concern. This should provide confidence in the suitable ability of digital for identification.

Whether this leads to other forms of identification moving across to mobile, such as passports, remains to be seen, though we like the idea.

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