An Ode to Christmas: The Twelve months of Telco

It’s not very good, but here’s another attempts at a poem. This time around we’ve destroyed the much loved ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ and wrestled in some of the stories from the last twelve months.

Twelve months of Jio mobile subscriptions growing (story here)

Eleven (.2) billion opportunity for Smart homing (story here)

Ten versions of the iPhone culting (story here)

Nine weeks left of pre-MWC eye-rolling

Eight guests joined Scott and Jamie podding

Seven years of IBM quarterly revenue decline ending (story here)

Six months of Facebook share price declining (story here)

Five generations of mobile

Four operators in the US hangs in the balance (story here)

Three months of ZTE banned from the US (story here)

Two Ericsson enforced network outages (story here)

And One Huawei CFO stuck behind bars (story here)

Merry Christmas (and sorry about that…)

Father christmas reading newspaper on the couch

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