Troubled kit maker Motorola claimed it has completed the industry’s first over the air LTE data session using 700MHz spectrum on Monday.

The tests were carried out using Moto’s LTE Radio Access Test Network and LTE eNode-B platform with a prototype LTE device at an outdoor location in central Illinois, US.

The sessions included mobile video streaming and various high data rate applications including the execution of applications priority which guarantees throughput using quality of service (QoS) aspects.

The lower frequency bands provide better coverage and in-building penetration. In North America, the 700MHz spectrum was auctioned off earlier this year. The 700MHz spectrum forms part of the worldwide “digital dividend” – spectrum in the 470-862MHz bands that has been freed by the switch from analogue to digital TV.

In Europe digital dividend spectrum encompasses the current TV broadcast 790-862MHz bands. It is expected to be auctioned between 2009-2012.

Motorola said its 700MHz and 2.6GHz products are expected for first commercial release next year.