EE to extoll the virtues of its 5G signal at Glastonbury

As a regular sponsor of the Glastonbury Festival UK MNO EE is going to use the opportunity to bang on about 5G this year.

Continuing its rich tradition of claiming every incremental 5G ‘first’ it can, EE has announced this year’s Glasto will be the UK’s first 5G-connected festival. It won’t be mobile 5G mind, just a 5G-powered wifi hotspot, but you can’t have everything can you? On top of that EE will be doing its usual thing of installing temporary masts to boost boring old regular mobile signals.

“Smartphones have become a festival must-have as we’ve seen each year with more and more data being consumed at Glastonbury Festival,” said Pete Jeavons, Marcomms Director at BTEE. “As the long-standing technology partner to this iconic event, we are committed to building a network powerful enough to cope with this huge demand. With the introduction of 5G this year, we are able to trial this new technology at Worthy Farm and make history as the UK’s first 5G-connected festival.”

Glasto took a gap year in 2018 but the year before attendees used 54 terabytes of data, according to EE. The operator reckons that number will be closer to 70 terabytes this year as festival-goers strive to top the virtue-signalling of previous years. There will be a somewhat retro feel to the event this year, with headliners The Cure joined by Janet Jackson and Kylie Minogue as the 80s makes its presence felt, perhaps in a bit to lure rockstar politician Jeremy Corbyn once more.

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