Mobile connectivity is to take centre stage with the latest release of popular Linux desktop operating system Ubuntu version 8.10.

The latest version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, affectionately known as “Intrepid Ibex”, will feature 3G network support at its core.

The new features will allow users to move between wired, wifi and 3G networks, with support for inbuilt modems, data cards and dongles.

The operating system also boasts on the fly Guest sessions for use on shared devices, and is small enough to fit onto a USB stick or CD, adding to the flexibility of the platform. 

“Ubuntu 8.10 sees us lay the groundwork for a radically different, more mobile, desktop computing environment over the next two years,” said Jane Silber, COO of Ubuntu developers Canonical. “Ubuntu 8.10 has many features that sign-post how Linux will provide the drive and innovation in desktop computing.”