US reportedly thinking of banning any 5G gear even made in China

It’s not enough just to ban Chinese vendors its seems, with the US now apparently considering banning domestic use of 5G gear that has been manufactured in China.

The rumour comes from the Wall Street Journal, which has been talking to those handy people in the know again. They reckon the US government is contemplating whether to insist any gear that will be used in the American 5G network not even have set foot in China.

This latest bright idea to protect the US from Chinese foul play is apparently part of a general review into the whole issue that Huawei has found itself in the centre of. It looks like those calling for these new measures to be part of the review even want it to apply to software, which would presumably be very difficult to enforce.

There are loads of caveats attached to this leak, with it being at a very early phase and with this sort of thing usually taking years to implement. But if it does go through the implications may be much more significant for non-Chinese vendors like Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung, who may need to pull out of China entirely to placate the Americans. The metastasis of this trade war continues.

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