Setting the pace for adoption of next generation wireless broadband technology, Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo has tapped Fujitsu and Nokia Siemens Networks for an LTE core network.

According to an announcement released Monday, DoCoMo has tapped Fujitsu to implement NSN’s core Long Term Evolution (LTE) platform, which the Japanese operator also calls Super 3G.

The two vendors will cooperate on jointly developing the Service Architecture Evolution (SAE) Gateway, including the Serving Gateway and the PDN Gateway, for the project’s core.

Earlier this year, the Japanese carrier said that it recorded a downlink transmission rate of 250Mbps over its experimental Super 3G high speed wireless network.

DoCoMo has been field-testing and refining its Super 3G system, known by almost everyone in the industry as LTE (Long Term Evolution), using an outdoor testing environment near its R&D labs in Yokosuka, just south of Tokyo, since early 2008.