Türk Telekom and Huawei claim new 5G speed record

5G speedometer

Huawei decided it was time to break some records so it set up a test network that seems to have been designed solely to do that.

The project was undertaken in Istanbul, in partnership with Türk Telekom. The specific record claimed is single-user 5G speed – i.e. to a single device. The two of them managed to hit 2.92 Gbps, which they claim is faster than the previous record-holder, although they don’t how much by.

“We combined two 5G carriers and established a new world record by reaching speeds of above 2.92 Gbps in our live 5G test network,” said Yusuf Kıraç, Türk Telekom’s CTO. “We are also the first operator to experiment with the 5G New Radio Carrier Aggregation Technology (C-Band NR Carrier Aggregation), which doubles the 5G link speed. Türk Telekom will continue to lead the development of all new generation technologies that our country needs in the future, as we do today.”

“In today’s test, what we have achieved is not only a record in Turkey but also a world record for 5G speed,” said Simon Pei, Deputy Country General Manager of Huawei Turkey. “Based on C-band 200MHz IBW and 2CC Carrier Aggregation technologies which only Huawei products can support, the test was performed in Türk Telekom’s test network with Huawei 5G commercial network equipment.”

Huawei seems to be on one of its European charm offensives this week. It also issued a press release about a study into how important Huawei is for the European economy, another about some EMEA certification that it thinks is a big deal and one more about its attendance at the Web Summit in Lisbon. On top of that the Huawei Chairman is going to live stream another of his chats tomorrow, which will presumably feature plenty of talk about how much better off Europe is with Huawei involved.

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