Huawei gives extra bonuses to staff that helped counter US sanctions

Embattled Chinese kit telecoms giant Huawei has decided to chuck a bunch of cash at its employees to thank them for hanging in there.

A bunch of different media have all claimed some kind of scoop over an internal email sent by Huawei HR to the entire company. The long and short of it seems to be that Huawei has decided to dish out two billion yuan in one-off bonuses to those staff considered to have done the most to counter the evil machinations of the US and its entity list. On top of that nearly every Huawei employee got double pay in October. Any employees that didn’t get either must be pretty unimpressed.

We haven’t been able to get anything official from Huawei, but have been assured that the reporting is legit. It looks like the R&D and supply chain teams directly involved in trying to find alternatives to the goods and services the US ban is preventing Huawei from accessing are getting most of the bonus pool, which will probably amount to around 100,000 yuan (£11,000) per employee.

Much of the reporting features anonymous insiders stressing how incredibly generous this is of Huawei, so the company is clearly milking its generosity for PR points. That doesn’t mean it’s not a smart move on its own merits, however. Not only will it help steady the nerves of its employees, it also sends out a message that money isn’t a problem in spite of the US doing its worst. Shame there are no bonuses being offered for excellence in telecoms reporting.

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