Verizon shakes things up with ‘Mix and Match’ bundling options

US operator group Verizon has unveiled a ‘Mix and Match’ offering as part of its drive towards service bundling.

While the monthly bill does still look to be very expensive, this is the US after all, it is a fair and reasonable attempt to drive disruption in the pricing area of the telco industry. Without sounding too bold, it could even be considered by some to be innovative.

“Customers have been loud and clear about their frustrations with cable, and we’ve listened,” said Frank Boulben, SVP of Consumer Marketing and Products at Verizon. “As a result, we’re transforming our approach to Internet and TV offers by giving customers more choices and more transparency.

“Customers are tired of having to buy a bundle with services they don’t want to get the best rates, and then discover that those rates didn’t include extra fees and surcharges. We’re putting an end to the traditional bundle contract and putting customers in control.”

Telcos are generally not the most innovative, but this looks to be an excellent idea from Verizon. The final bill might end up looking expensive in comparison, but there are few other options which offer this element of flexibility. It does look to be a rare example of an initiative which is customer centric.

Another element which will certainly interest some customers is this is a pay monthly contract with no fixed term. Customers can leave the service by simply giving a months’ notice, while there are bonus features for current mobile subscribers.

Current mobile subscribers will benefit from an additional $20 discount on the services per month. In addition, the same subscribers will be given a $10 discount towards their next device purchase for each month they are a ‘Mix and Match’ customer.

Bundling together various services, or convergence, is proving to be an increasingly common strategy around the world, though perhaps Verizon has more to gain that many. The telco has a monstrously large subscription base for its mobile business, and while it has a presence in fixed broadband, the scale is no-where similar. Cross-selling and offering discounts to the 93 million mobile subscribers is one way to drive the business forward.

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  1. Avatar Robert Wilson 13/01/2020 @ 8:35 pm

    I’ve heard horrible stories already of current customers calling and they’ve been told they can’t switch through them has to be online! And when they went online their internet went up $30 for a SLOWER speed!! And if it’s not going to be similar pricing why bother giving us month-to-month option I’d rather bundle and get a better price for 2 years!!

  2. Avatar Dave 13/01/2020 @ 10:04 pm

    You forgot to mention most of this is only available in like 4 of the US States….

  3. Avatar Patti 13/01/2020 @ 11:28 pm

    About time! Nice to finally know someone is not just listening, but doing something about it! Now, its wait and see if they can back it up! No distespect to any involved. Ive seen and had too many services that got it right! Then, blew it up! Always the same story: great idea, works great, great prices, services, etc. Then Kaboom! The money becomes more important than the original vision. Honest, Im not a doom minded person by any means. Ive just been through this over and over and over. So, that said, I love the idea! Keep the vision strong! Thanks!

  4. Avatar Barbara Cooper 13/01/2020 @ 11:36 pm

    Why don’t you have a roku app?

  5. Avatar JNemorin 14/01/2020 @ 4:03 am

    Self Inflicted Financial Demise❗

    As long as cable television providers continue to charge their customers for a set-top-box and/ or digital video recorder (DVR), the cable industry will continue to experience a precipitous decline in subscribers.

    Imagine purchasing a motorized vehicle, but the engine and transmission of the vehicle has to be leased on a monthly basis,

    Excessive greed.

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