Google reportedly chasing a licence to continue work with Huawei

Reports have emerged in the German press to suggest Google has submitted the paperwork with the US Government to allow Huawei to regain credentials as an Android partner.

As it stands, Google is one of the many companies which is banned from working with Huawei, according to Deutsche Press Agentu. The Huawei devices are now running a custom operating system, based on Android open source code, though it is questionable how successful this venture has been for Huawei. Since Huawei was placed on the US Entity List, no new devices have been launched with Android OS or any Google services.

Speaking at an event in London, Omdia analyst Wayne Lam said he had been tested Huawei devices, though it was immensely frustrated to have to work in the absence of any Google services or products. Lam could not see the OS being successful outside the Chinese market, though Huawei’s OS could gain traction in other nations which has a friendlier relationship with China.

For Google, this should be a red flag. Google has enjoyed the benefits which have come with an almost duopolised position in the OS market, though the threat of a third player emerging could damage this. Huawei’s OS is highly unlikely to make a dent in Europe or North America, though it could gain traction in the developing markets where the more cost-effective Huawei devices are popular.

Two devices have been launched without Google services and products to date, the Mate 30 and the Mate XS, though market share has seemingly been falling in the European markets since Huawei’s problems with the White House escalated to the Entity List.

What is worth noting is Microsoft was granted a pass by the US Commerce Department for Huawei laptops to run its Windows OS. Considering the likeness, Google employees might be confident, though the US Government has not been a champion of consistency

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