A few deluded Scousers burn down 5G masts because COVID-19 is talking through the airwaves

Liverpudlians have seemingly set off a trend around the UK by setting 5G masts on fire because the new generation of mobile connectivity is the apparent cause of the coronavirus outbreak.

Let’s forget that numerous authorities around the world have denied the dangers of 5G, or that the scientists behind popular conspiracy theories have been proven wrong, or that COVID-19 has spread to places where 5G does not yet exist, new mobile technology is behind the pandemic which is rapidly spreading throughout the world. And the solution; a good, old bit of arson.

Starting in Liverpool, before spreading to Birmingham and Belfast, deluded individuals are setting fire to telecommunications infrastructure thanks to the fairy-tale belief it will lead to the end of the viral infection.

While it seems these idiots will not listen to the rational thoughts of those who are more qualified to make such judgments, the situation is not helped by a number of celebrities promoting the ludicrous tales.

US actor Woody Harrelson, former Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner and Britain’s Got Talent’s Amanda Holden are three of whom have been ‘fanning the flames’ as members of the general public seems to believe there is more credibility in being on TV than having a relevant PHD.

“On the point about the 5G masts,” Minister for the Cabinet Office Michael Gove said during the daily coronavirus briefing. “The story somehow got about that they play a role in the spread of the disease, that is just nonsense. Dangerous nonsense as well.”

National Medical Director of NHS England Stephen Powis had even stronger words to say about the craze.

“The 5G story is complete and utter rubbish, it’s nonsense, it’s the worst kind of fake news,” Powis said. “The reality is that the mobile phone networks are absolutely critical to all of us, particularly in a time when we are asking people to stay at home and to not see relatives and friends.

“But in particular, those are also the phone networks that are used by our emergency services and our health workers. I am absolutely outraged, absolutely disgusted that people would be taking action against the very infrastructure that we need to respond to this health emergency. It is absolute and utter rubbish and I can’t condemn it in stronger terms than that.”

The coronavirus theories being promoted by idiotic celebrities and believed by simpleton individuals can be traced back to two statements, both of which have been disproven by Full Fact, an independent fact checking charity.

Firstly, a research paper from 2011 written by several academics which hypothesises bacteria may produce electromagnetic signals to communicate with other bacteria when making decisions about infecting a host. Thanks to these assumptions, which are highly disputed, some have decided the COVID-19 virus in one host is able to use the 5G airwaves to communicate with virus in another host to decide on who to infect next. It really is that preposterous.

This is of course a ridiculous statement to make, and as well as being undermined by scientists, the spread of the virus to regions (such as Milton Keynes) and countries (Iran) which do not have 5G networks deployed further disproves the conspiracy theory.

Secondly, the foolhardy arsonists seem to believe 5G has the ability to supress the immune system which is aiding the spread of the disease. Again, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims and the statements have been rubbished by the scientific community.

Aside from celebrities adding credibility to fake news by spreading misinformation, the gullible individuals might also be buoyed by 5G critics such as Lecturer Tanja Katarina Rebel. The job title might sound very impressive and credible, but Rebel is a teacher of Philosophy and has no qualifications in virology, physics or engineering. She is as qualified to make statements on the health implications of 5G as the next-door neighbour’s goldfish.

Unfortunately, the people who are talking sense are not as popular as the celebrities touting this rubbish or as interesting as a conspiracy theory. The correct statements are much less likely to be shared across social media than the fake news.

This is of course not the first time the telecommunications industry has had to deal with false health claims relying on pseudoscience or fairy tales. In years gone, many believed mobile airwaves would cause cancer. Radiofrequency radiation could cause cancer, though the telecoms companies make use of non-ionising spectrum which is not able to penetrate into cells to mutate DNA.

Even the use of 5G spectrum, which is a higher frequency than 4G, does not enter into this category. It has been suggested the level at which airwaves become dangerous to humans is 30 PHz, an almost inconceivable distance from 24 GHz – 90 GHz range which is being considered for use in the 5G era.

The health claims regarding the use of spectrum in mobile technology usually disappear in time, as is the trend with misinformation. Without facts underpinning the statements, people tend to ignore than after a while, though hopefully there isn’t too much damage done in the time it takes to get to this point.

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  1. Avatar Alex 05/04/2020 @ 2:44 pm

    Well… Lowering education brings consequences onto the table. Enjoy.

  2. Avatar Jeff 05/04/2020 @ 3:39 pm

    5G effects have in fact been confirmed as having negative effect on health. And this is only new technology. How can anyone have the cheek to claim that this won’t affect your health after 1o years of exposure?

    It is nothing but a NEW WORLD ODER ILLUMINATI trying to impose complete control over people.

    People are beginning to RISE.

    And I can GUARANTEE there will be more and more 5G towers being burned.

    You will fix ONE. TWO will catch fire.

    • Avatar Pro Bono 05/04/2020 @ 4:46 pm

      Jeff, if you haven’t been able to get your medication delivered please phone your GP surgery NOW!

      • Avatar James Notley 06/04/2020 @ 2:26 pm

        5g lowers the human immune system contributing to early death.–FACT

        • Avatar Tom 06/04/2020 @ 4:31 pm

          Do you have any proof, there are signals a lot higher bouncing down onto you right now.. Home WiFi is 2.4ghz and 5ghz.. Satellite TV has a wide range. These frequencies have been previously used, and put back up for sale.. ?

          • Avatar tom 21/04/2020 @ 2:40 pm

            lads, take a look at the news. ‘Tragedy as five bodies found in less than 24 hours in the same area’ All deaths unexplained. I checked the adresses and they are all around a fuck**g 5g Tower that was installed in liverpool.

        • Avatar Susan Williams 06/04/2020 @ 9:17 pm

          Please stop with this idiotic issue at a time where we have much more to consider than your tin foil theories

          • Avatar Trudi Lovatt 05/06/2020 @ 8:11 pm

            Please wake up

      • Avatar Jesus Garcia 06/04/2020 @ 4:17 pm

        Iran does actually have 5G networks. I can’t believe how they lie to our faces. Its as simple as searching it on Google. Here in the US the fcc got cought over looking the radiation limits that are safe for humans. They lost as lawsuit to Attorney Robert F. Kennedy. While we were all scared like mice at home. They passed a bill in Congress on March 27 to ensure and speed the process of installing 5G across the US. People wake up or things are going to get worse.

        • Avatar Yella 06/04/2020 @ 6:53 pm

          Just Googled it. All 5g maps I found show no 5g in Iran. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

          • Avatar Luke 13/05/2020 @ 10:21 pm

            Well simple answer is relabelled regular deaths from normal causes. Slap a covid on the death certificate and its in that country!

      • Avatar Luke 13/05/2020 @ 10:18 pm

        How much are they paying you boy?

      • Avatar Paul Luckey 21/07/2020 @ 6:47 pm

        5g can be weaponized or sanitized depending on how well the do the fine tuning. The US Military and Russia both did research early on and they both said harmful effects to biology were noted. Add to the fact that none of us were asked to put it up and they are even using the lock down to speed it up. I did not consent to it. Conspiracy fact. When we clean up the corruption on this planet, it will be for the use of AI. If you don’t believe they want to lock down the planet and reduce the population significantly, then good luck. :///C:/Users/Trance/AppData/Local/Temp/Sub262.pdf

    • Avatar Your MuM 05/04/2020 @ 6:51 pm

      I bet your also anti vax and believe the world is flat? Knuckle dragging cave man spouting poisonous bollocks and endangering lives.

      • Avatar Jesus Garcia 06/04/2020 @ 4:21 pm

        I bet you are over 50 and don’t even know how to use Google. Many countries have denied the enforcement of 5G due to the extensive research that shows it is harmful to humans. Before you start insulting people check for your self. Don’t be a mindless sheep please.

    • Avatar Celtic Moonbeam 06/04/2020 @ 7:22 am

      I agree….
      People have been dumbed down to the point they can’t even see a weapons system when it’s being deployed.
      As for the article written…how dare you insult our intelligence…you are a reporter with an opinion and that’s all it is..

    • Avatar Jules 06/04/2020 @ 11:47 am

      “And I can GUARANTEE there will be more and more 5G towers being burned.” Are you inciting violence, the burning of masts being used by our emergency services…? You are a total, complete and utter deluded idiot. And a dangerous one at that.

      • Avatar Shaun 07/04/2020 @ 1:49 am

        Jules you prolly also think trumps doing a good job and not a lying criminal

    • Avatar Mike Johnson 06/04/2020 @ 5:15 pm

      Your off EFFING HEAD, people are dying all around you with Coronovirus and you think this action is acceptable.

      I just hope the time comes when you need an Emergency Response and can’t get through because of brain dead prats like this. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, YOU PRICK.

      • Avatar lance lovatt 05/06/2020 @ 8:18 pm

        Mike Johnson. Stop being herded by the Sheppard, and do some research on the matter. 5G is totally different than 1234+ G . Just use the brain matter that we’ve all been given.

    • Avatar Rob Gallimore 06/04/2020 @ 5:49 pm

      I don’t know about causing corona or conspiracy
      However the fact that Brussels has banned its use must ring alarm bells
      It is not going to be just another upgrade for mobile phones it is going to be the Internet of
      I frankly do not want anything to do with it

    • Avatar Richard Ferguson 07/04/2020 @ 9:13 am

      I truelly believe, uneducated people are the most dangerous, not knowing or having limited intelligence making people copy other dumb people.most of these idiots believe anything on social media, but wont take time to get all the evidence, just shoot from the hip, dumb people

      • Avatar clyde 13/04/2020 @ 12:28 pm

        uneducated like Bill Gates and Elon Musk who are pushing these 5g agendas and what not.

    • Avatar Pete Milligan 07/04/2020 @ 5:11 pm

      Jeff you need to grow up and get a life kidda, these threats of yours are simply threats of criminal damage. Show actual evidence of what your talking about and then you have a right to speak up, but until then, your waffling should be kept to yourself. Also, I bet anything that you’re not the one doing the fires but the one hidden away and stoking the fires. Haha pathetic.

    • Avatar Dona1d 26/04/2020 @ 8:42 pm

      why burn the masts and not the OFFICES where the control switches are ? And while out there, why not visit the BBC and their friends too?
      This is DICTATORSHIP – taking over the world
      And people are too vaccinated to react anymore !

    • Avatar Luke 13/05/2020 @ 11:44 pm

      Uh oh Jeff here come the thought police! You got a licence for those thoughts Jeff! Your thinking outside the box again, you naughty boy! Thats 3 points on your thought licence! Meanwhile Thank you for taking the time to post the truth on this topic. So many are conditioned by mainstream media they don’t even know it. They are like zombies sat in front of the tv. Most of the folk that argue with you have been told what to think by their mainstream media and their not even aware of it! Repetition is key here for control of the masses. Ask any sheep what independent thought is. At the end of the day the raw fact of the matter is, there is not one study that can clearly show us where this 5G technology was implemented on this global scale before! Not one! Because 5G has never been rolled out on a global scale before until now! I don’t trust these so called experts, they could be anybody. Money talks and humans can be very corrupt. If its so safe it should be in their neighbourhood first! Lead by example and all that! Yeah right. The emergency services managed before without 5g. It will manage in the future without 5g. 4g will do. These press enter people are just that, let the news (mainstream media) put the program in, and the politician presses enter.
      Keep up the good work Jeff!

  3. Avatar Jacob 05/04/2020 @ 7:38 pm

    I bet a lot of people admire their actions. We don’t want to be tracked. We don’t want to live under powerlines. We don’t believe the lockdown is for society’s best interests. We don’t want a 5G network. But the people get no say; while the streets are empty, people confined to their homes, the covid19-84 surveilance network is being installed.

    • Avatar Julie 06/04/2020 @ 11:49 am

      Then don’t buy a 5G phone and don’t live under a powerline!

    • Avatar Guillaume 06/04/2020 @ 12:21 pm

      If you want I can give you some areas in France where powerlines and mobile phone networks will not be an issue.

      OTOH, you’ll have to make sure during the summer that you have everything you need for the long winter months, because there’s also no road there.

    • Avatar Susan Williams 06/04/2020 @ 9:21 pm

      Grow up … take the tinfoil hat and remake to something useful … you scare me with your alarmist knee jerk reactions

  4. Avatar Geoff in Aberdeenshire 05/04/2020 @ 8:11 pm

    Good news and bad news for Jeff
    Bad news 1: As a Chartered Engineer I can confirm you are spouting total crap,
    Good news 1: You have lots of brain cells,
    Bad news 2: Our goldfish has more brain cells that are working correctly than you,
    Good news 2: When the lockdown is over you can exhibit yourself as the (human?) more stupid than goldfish and make lots of money.
    PS you might want to replace the existing tattoos on your knuckles with “left” and “right”, but get someone to tell you the correct hands.

    • Avatar The Truth 06/04/2020 @ 9:11 am

      As a chartered engineer by trade you know nothing about radiation and the effects of it over a period of time so bringing up your profession doesn’t really inspire confidence. I can garautnee you wouldn’t let your new born daughter be a scientific experiment for something you don’t want or understand. Our choice to pause this until we understand this further is not being listened to… and having guys like you who thinks because they’re a chartered engineer they have all the answers is dangerous…

      • Avatar Rob 06/04/2020 @ 11:19 am

        I do. It’s my day job. You have more chance catching cancer from the sun.
        How do you know it has 5g?

        • Avatar mr craig 06/04/2020 @ 12:00 pm

          Any sources for us rob like an independent study into 5g? how do you know this?

          • Avatar Lee X 06/04/2020 @ 6:01 pm

            If your right next to the mast maybe

            like hugging the cell on the mast site that could pose a health risk and warm You up inside(and mess up the signal for everyone, the mast probably pick up that there is a object blocking it at close range and drop power down)
            past 2 meters Likey not a problem (still not recommended) on the ground no problem

            You have to understand the frequency and power are not reaction based, it can’t do anything to the cells or heat us up (unless your hugging the mast) transmit power of your phone is low so even that can’t do anything to you

      • Avatar Luke 13/05/2020 @ 11:51 pm

        What a peach of an answer! Beautiful!

    • Avatar Anya Tranter 06/04/2020 @ 10:04 am

      You sound very ignorant and arrogant

  5. Avatar Geoff in Aberdeenshire 05/04/2020 @ 8:39 pm

    More bad news for Jeff
    If you want to find out the correct info on any subject – you WILL NOT FIND IT on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or any other social media. Those sites are full of malicious trolls and deluded, gullible individuals who stupidly, by mistake (come off it Amanda) or intentionally post nonsense, and especially whatever is the latest conspiracy theory. As Ricky Gervais said – reading Twitter is like reading the toilet wall.

  6. Avatar Robert Moore 05/04/2020 @ 10:41 pm

    Well you can call the arsonists idiots….. Because the experts say 5G is okay….. But the experts have also led us down the garden path over lots of things….. Try going to Nuffield Health and have your Omega-3 vs Omega-6 levels checked… Then wonder why it is not 1:1…. Then wonder why they have such a check….. Then wonder why the world is dying of chronic inflammatory disease…… Then wonder why you blindly trust the so-called authorities.

    • Avatar Julie 06/04/2020 @ 11:51 am

      They aren’t just idiots, they are dangerous criminals

  7. Avatar Michael V 05/04/2020 @ 11:00 pm

    I didn’t think people could really be that dumb.

    5G is using similar & will use the same frequency bands that 4G & 3G use.

    These dumb idiots need to be locked up for this. For Burning down the infrastructure we need to help save lives & for emergency services.

    • Avatar mr craig 06/04/2020 @ 1:22 am

      Well Michael 5g actually uses a way higher frequency than 3g/4g, its a completely different infrastructure that they have to roll out. its this higher frequency which is said to be damaging human cells and making ppl sick. explains why it started in china and why we’re being locked down whilst they fit all the antennas under our noses. then we’ll all be tracked 24/7 like they are in china right now you dumb idiot

      • Avatar Rob 06/04/2020 @ 11:25 am

        Wrong. 5g is a little higher between 3.4 to 4ghz.

        • Avatar mr craig 06/04/2020 @ 12:17 pm

          5g in sub 6 GHz is similar to 4g but 5g also uses up to 86 GHz. electromagnetic radiation being pumped out at a high frequency 5g antennas will be everywhere. do you seriously believe that wont be a problem for us lol? 2g 3g 4g wi-fi already proven to be harmful to humans and animals 5g is much worse

          • Avatar Rob 06/04/2020 @ 12:55 pm

            .. uses up to 86ghz? What does that mean? Example, 3 are using 100hz bandwidth in their 5g allocation. The sun is a proven to cause cancer and that has higher RF than any mobile base stations. Look at any RF spectrum chart.

          • Avatar Lee X 06/04/2020 @ 5:35 pm

            The highest frequency is 20ghz (or 32ghz what ever)

            You do understand it can’t even pass your skin (walls or anything that is solid will block it) it’s range is like 100meters and it’s only used in usa at the moment

            Even 3.4ghz has shorter range then 2.6ghz and can’t reliably pass throw stuff

            If you want your tin foil hat that is the 400-900mhz they can pass throw you very easily and radiate you :p (I could continue but you would get super paranoid and wrap yourself in foil to shield yourself)

            Really the sun on a cloudy day puts out more skin damaging radio waves and radiation then your local WiFi or phone does (its OK NSA is not scanning your brain from space trust me they aren’t)

          • Avatar Lee X 06/04/2020 @ 5:37 pm

            Posts like Mr creg shouldn’t even get past moderation

      • Avatar Julie 06/04/2020 @ 11:58 am

        You are making the rooky mistake of mixing correlation with causation, and the correlation isn’t even there. Oddly, 5G is placed where people are, and the virus attacks people. Ergo it must be 5G. What idiots! There are multiple places with people and the virus (they do at least go hand in hand) but where there is no 5G. And in the meantime, this dangerous psycho dribble is inciting people to break the law, damage masts serving our emergency services, and verbally attack those laying fibre for Superfast broadband, the very stuff that the conspiracy theorists rely on to spread this drivel.

        • Avatar mr craig 06/04/2020 @ 12:51 pm

          Julie you’re making yourself look an idiot. of course there is a correlation seeing as 5g is being turned on right now it certainly has to be seriously considered that 5g is making ppl ill and its then being spread person to person from there. we get told it came from eating bats in china. ok well maybe time will tell

          • Avatar Lee X 06/04/2020 @ 5:40 pm

            Hope your still happy with your earthed bed sheets and your radio shield stickers

          • Avatar James Harris 07/04/2020 @ 6:58 am

            Mr Craig,

            Can you even hear yourself? People being infected by the masts and then passing the infection from person to person? How about it’s just being passed from person to person in the first place and the masts have nothing to do with it.

            For everyone else… There seems to be a lot of confusion over what 5g actually is… Primarily it uses the same frequency bands as previous phone generations, the higher frequency bands are proposed and not yet implemented, if and when they end up being used, they will be low power systems because the signal is strongly absorbed by all sorts of things including walls, vehicles, people even air.

            To be of any use the “cell bases” will have to be placed on lamp posts as the coverage they provide is within line of sight.

            These higher frequencies have traditionally been used for radar where they have a good safety record over several decades.

            If anyone would like to fact check me on anything I have written, I suggest first hand sources such as 3gpp (the organisation that is gatekeeper to all of the official mobile phone standards including 5g) or even places like Wikipedia, but the words of some random guy on Facebook who heard a rumour from his mate down the pub is NOT FACT!

            I have one final point… I personally think the mobile phone operators should be forced to get their act together and make their 4g cell bases actually work properly before they are allowed to work on expanding into 5g. On a regular basis, I experience connectivity issues that are related to the connection between the cell bases and the core network, it’s simply not helpful to be putting more demand on that core infrastructure that is clearly not up to the job.

        • Avatar Chris-G 06/04/2020 @ 8:03 pm

          I had the similar, if tongue in cheek, unresearched and BS theory that back in the late 70s, cancer cases correlated very closely with the increased wearing of denim clothing… It was amazing how many people (down the pub in those days), thought it was likely…

      • Avatar Michael V 07/04/2020 @ 9:51 am

        @mr Craig. Yes I know that 5G will also use mmwave somewhere around 40GHz to 80GHz. I was referring mostly to what we’re using now in the UK market.
        Those bands will still be in the safe zone for humans.

        This idea that the new type of technology causes a virus is insane and dumb.

      • Avatar Michael V 07/04/2020 @ 10:01 am

        @mr Craig. When I said similar bands to 4G I did mean 3.0ghz to 4.0ghz. Those who are arguing against 5G should really educate themselves. mmWave is still in the Non-Ironising bands. The radio frequency breaks down by there time it hits your skin making it impossible to get into your body.

        Most people who are against 5G also are unable to say exactly what their argument is.

        We had this crap when 4G-LTE came along & we’re all still alive.

        But yet no one had an issue with 3G-HSPA+ using 2100mhz.

        Bring on the mmWave cell sites on every lamp post in the cities!

    • Avatar Jesus Garcia 06/04/2020 @ 4:40 pm

      You are truly dumb buddy. They will use the same frequency? Than whats the point of rolling out 5G? Isn’t it for faster speed? If its a faster speed than that means they need to go from megahertz to gigahertz!! I’ll bet you dont know the difference between them right? Do you know how a microwave functions? Ok ill explain real quick:
      You put what you want heated in the oven, you set the time you want to heat. It gets bombarded with radiation that radiates and heats water molecules. Right? Still with me? Most microwave ovens use 80 to 150 megahertz =megawatts of EMF’s. Electro Magnetic Fields) paint a better picture for you all? Even if its not related to the Corona virus its definitely not something I want my children being exposed to. And they should ask citizens first before using us as ginie pigs to test this technology!!!!

      • Avatar Lee X 06/04/2020 @ 5:48 pm

        It’s actually because there are more Mhz available at higher frequency’s (about 400mhz ish on 3.4ghz witch 3 have the most of currently) but high frequency has shorter range and simple things solid objects can block it (mmwave 20-30ghz I believe even paper interferes with it

        where as at 2.1ghz more like 100mhz or lower (split up only like each provider has like 20Mhz pairs of it ee owning largest part of 1800 and 2100 space I believe)

        The low band 800 and 900 lucky if you have like 10Mhz of it (meant for long range backup not really high data use but in use with carrier aggregation CA you can get some impressive speeds on 4g as is right now)

      • Avatar James Harris 07/04/2020 @ 7:24 am

        Jesus Garcia,

        You have that completely wrong…

        Microwave ovens use a frequency of 2.45ghz not 80 to 150 megahertz as you stated.

        Megahertz relates to frequency and megawatts relates to power… what you said is the equivalent of saying that pitch is equal to loudness in sound, complete nonsense.

        EMF is a complicated subject and the field strength is related to the power, frequency and distance.

        Going back to the microwave oven, it is the power that is different between ovens and that determines the electromagnetic field strength (as frequency and distance don’t significantly differ between ovens) and therefore how much heat is transferred to the food.

        If the very high frequency bands do end up being used for 5g (they probably won’t because I can’t imagine it will be reliable enough) then it will be very low power.

        The biggest problem with any generation of mobile phone technology is distance. As I mentioned earlier, EMF is a product of power, frequency and distance. Field strength drops off in what is known as inverse square law. As you halve the distance from a radio source, you quadruple the field strength (imagine the heat from an open fire or the light from a table lamp) now have a think about where your phone is when you use it… You are exposed to stronger signals from your phone than from any phone mast.

        This drives me mad when I hear people saying they don’t want a mast near their kids school, but they are happy to give their kids a phone…

      • Avatar Michael V 07/04/2020 @ 10:09 am

        Actually yes, right now it’s the 3.0-3.6ghz band range being used. In addition to mmWave, 700mhz band will be used. 2G & 3G & 4G are used for 800mhz.
        With the possibility of all currently used bands to be re-farmed in future to carry 5g.

        Yes I know the difference in MHz to GHz.

        I suggest that people research Non-Ironising & ironising bands.

  8. Avatar Oscar 06/04/2020 @ 3:55 am

    Burn em all down Mf er!

  9. Avatar Oscar 06/04/2020 @ 3:56 am

    Nwo will meet the opposition now

  10. Avatar David Hathaway 06/04/2020 @ 7:38 am

    Even Scientific America speaks about the dammers of 5G. This is a credible source for information based on facts and getting their info from verifiable sources as well.

    If you want to be honest say you don’t know what kind of effects it’ll have on humans. Don’t say it won’t have any negative effects though because you don’t know. After 2 years of being exposed to 5G rats developed cancers and major neurological issues.

    So don’t tell me it’s safe, that’s a lie. Be more honorable and say you’re not sure. Anyone who says they’re ZERO negative effects can’t be trusted. There’s good and bad in EVERYTHING for damn sake.
    Geoff, Pro Bono, Your Mum need to get a life and stop bullying over the internet. Are you adults or children? Wtf

    • Avatar Susan Williams 06/04/2020 @ 9:35 pm

      Seriously you are talking about a country where most couldnt get through a 11 plus exam. While i might concede that we are not all experts in 5g … did it cause the current pandemic or have ANY effect on it NO.. so stop causing even more distress than is currently being experienced by most people at the moment. You should be ashamed at the thoughtless content of your posts.

  11. Avatar Jon Valentine 06/04/2020 @ 8:46 am

    Surely acts against communication networks deemed essential infrastructure should be classed as acts of domestic terrorism. And celebrities portraying themselves as experts should be charged under the Terrorism Act.

  12. Avatar Mat 06/04/2020 @ 9:07 am

    They should be classed as terrorists. Organising online to sabotage our telephonic infastructure

  13. Avatar Anthony Russell Handley 06/04/2020 @ 9:21 am

    I totally agree with this article and the experts that have commented.

    I am constantly fighting these loonies on Facebook and its extremely hard work and worrying how many stupid people are being taken in by this conspiracy nonsense…I agree with the other poster who said they should be locked up and I hope the government will act quickly to arrest and detain these extremely dangerous idiots who are putting lives at risk

  14. Avatar 5GorNot5G 06/04/2020 @ 10:15 am

    Don’t tarnish all Scouser’s with the same brush that you’ve painted these nutters in. Not all of us are conspiracy theorists, and we can have a rational discussion about this; believe it or not, not all of us receives our information from re-shared psuedoscience Facebook posts.

    And before you whinge and accuse me of possessing a “victim mentality”, why solely pick on people from Liverpool in your title and byline? Easy targets I suppose for namesake? Nothing about the loonies in London, Birmingham or Belfast? Though the latter two you did briefly mention in your “article”.

    But then again, I suppose anything for a cheap click or two – and yes, I am here commenting so to a certain extent you were successful in gaining a little bit of engagement, but at what cost? Pathetic sensationlist writing from your end just as much as the conspiracy theorists themselves.

    Yes, I’m from Liverpool, and no I don’t believe that 5G causes COVID-19 before you want to pipe that into your next piece of writing.

    Just to make everyone aware, there are a lot of moronic comments here (you may include mine as part of that), but christ almighty people, read an academic journal or two and engage in an open-minded discussion where you don’t resort to name calling and abuse – provide sources and data instead, and evaluate these off their own merits. Same goes for both sides of the 5G camp.

    If anything, I sincerely hope that this comment somewhat changes your view on Scousers and doesn’t perpetrate the “traditional” stereotypes that this article would have you falsely believe. I think more thought has gone into this comment than the above article itself.

    Best Wishes.

    • Avatar Harry 06/04/2020 @ 10:36 pm

      All right all right calm down calm down!

    • Avatar James Harris 07/04/2020 @ 7:29 am

      Thanks 5gornot5g,

      Finally someone talking sense.

  15. Avatar Myles Mccourt 06/04/2020 @ 12:52 pm

    Well I say wait till we get over The virus , and let the people say if they want in there neighbourhood. And why are they sneaking around around , putting up poles , when people can’t get out and are worried about the virus .

    • Avatar Susan Williams 06/04/2020 @ 9:40 pm


  16. Avatar Mark 06/04/2020 @ 12:58 pm

    This headline is hilarious. I’ve never heard anyone saying “covid is talking through the waves”. I have however heard scientists say that so much exposure to emf’s isn’t good for our health. I have heard scientists talk about the cell damage 5g can cause. I have heard politicians voice their concerns over the need for more studies to be done, re the potential health effects of 5g…oh,and I’ve heard telecom companies try and propgandise their own opinions for their own gains/profits. I have heard business people claim that 5g is okay, but the only evidence I’ve seen so far (because of the deliberate limited studies which have been done so far) indicates the contrary, that in fact 5g poses a potential risk to human health and particularly the immune system… Which is why these people are linking 5g with coronavirus. Not that the virus is fake and its all radio/microwaves etc, not that the virus “talks through the airwaves (well done for creating the dumbest sounding reason), but because there seems to be some link between 5g and a negative effect on the immune system so while we are enduring a pandemic, some people are concerned that 5g may not be in fact helping anyone physically, but of course who cares because it’s going to open up a whole new world of infrastructure which means potentially unimaginable profits to be had…

  17. Avatar The Poet 06/04/2020 @ 2:49 pm

    These are crazy times we are living in. Even if it’s not linked to the dreaded coronaVirus is it harmful? 5G might be ok as a singularity but what about combining it with all the other types of radio waves in the atmosphere. Has anyone got a clue about it?

  18. Avatar Mmd 06/04/2020 @ 3:27 pm

    US hearing of a doctor on the dangers of 5g. She had 5 minutes….. The industry safety tested itself….

    Yes EMF isn’t good for humans as we are electromagnetic ourselves….. It’s common sense. I don’t think anyone would argue breathing polluted city air isn’t good for humans, but we just take it/suck it up.

    5g is probably magnitudes worse.
    “Veteran MD drops bombshell about 5g technology dangers at 5g hearing”

  19. Avatar Mmd 06/04/2020 @ 3:28 pm

    Is good*

  20. Avatar Johannes 06/04/2020 @ 5:24 pm

    On this topic: a ton of pseudoscientific mumbojumbo by 5G deniers. Funny how we get these same “scientific” talking points with every generation.

  21. Avatar Jay jay 06/04/2020 @ 7:00 pm

    Why state their Liverpudliens when other MSM call them scandals criminals.. or crazy people.
    Why specifically use that name as if it’s to be racist

  22. Avatar D 06/04/2020 @ 10:01 pm

    Fake News generally comes along when the government hides the facts and doesn’t tell the public the truth. They use all kinds of bureaucracy and politics and lies to pass the buck or hide the facts in some cases. Even if it’s only one lie. The moment you do that and there is once tiny bit of evidence or witness that says different. The fake news river will flow. But yet governments around the world still keep doing it and getting themselves placed in the public’s hot seat. What do you expect, a handshake and a beer with some sugar on the side. Pfff…. hahahaha….

  23. Avatar William Windsor king 06/04/2020 @ 11:51 pm

    You’re not a journalist you’re a tool for the establishment, 5G is indeed a weapon I’ve all the proof you need, 5G affects the body the same way a so called virus does, the people in China dropped to the floor bleeding from the mouth, you didn’t see it on the news because you people don’t show the truth, want proof read my Facebook page, theres no delusions its Agenda 2020 there’s worse to come.

  24. Avatar REZA 06/04/2020 @ 11:59 pm

    Corona and any illness is very much related to 5G/4G/WiFi/Bluetooth/Smart-meters as RF-EMF can cause DNA damage and cancer (it’s a proven fact) and wicked crooked industry and its morally corrupt government cronies ignore science/biology in favor of money.
    Also see:

  25. Avatar JULIA SKINNER 07/04/2020 @ 4:41 am


  26. Avatar Jason 07/04/2020 @ 4:48 am

    Hello everyone.

    I understand this post is about 5g.

    I wish everyone that was arguing about 5g would be coming up with solutions to beat the real threat to mankind, SARS-Cov-2.
    We have proof the threat is real so why are we causing more problems & no more solutions.
    7.5 billion of people on the planet and Now we are all talking about the dangers of beamforming? When you wake up next month & your family & friends are dead from the virus, the 5g communications will be the last thing on your minds. Wake up people! Just wake up. This confusion denial tactic to prevent anxiety of current situations is a fraud on your own mental states & it will only make things decay. I advise to take a step back, get 5g out of your head and then try & save the ones you love by helping them get through this difficult time with all of your heart and strength because next month you might never have that chance again.

  27. Avatar Themba Sibanda 07/04/2020 @ 6:01 am

    I didn’t know that some Britons are this dumb.

  28. Avatar Robin A Bate 07/04/2020 @ 8:19 am

    Well 5G is supported by 20,000 satellites and millions of booster masts. Wuhan is probably 1st city to have 100% 5G exposure. These signals do go through human bodies, as they go through walls and glass etc.
    There are virologists who accept that a virus is the excretion from an infected cell. So i choose to keep an open mind. Knowledge dispels fear as the Red Berets moto says. Be armed with knowledge.

  29. Avatar Conspiracy nutjob 07/04/2020 @ 8:52 am

    Radio waves can’t harm you… Go back to school.
    Don’t say FACT without giving a source.
    5g is our friend against covid not our enemy. Use one brain cell and you might be able to understand this.

  30. Avatar Open#mind 07/04/2020 @ 11:31 am

    We get told what we deserve to hear, most leaders, scientists, Dr’s&professors etc are proven to be in the freemasons that believe in depopulation, think clearly before you dish this actuation!! As regards to 5g, if it is a health issue it ain’t the only 1, water quality&using chemical based toothpaste in a morning&at night surely is disturbing as its used as soon as teeth appear. Think of the bigger picture of why we are being had off in the world by the 1s we should trust???

  31. Avatar Dave B 09/04/2020 @ 9:51 pm

    I think what we got here is the ‘straw man’ phenomenon, I don’t know anyone who thinks 5G causes corona virus. Was that given as a reason for torching the transmitters by the people who did it ? Can we have the evidence? I’m opposed to 5G because of evidence that the signal is not in fact ‘non-ionising’ and could cause tumours; because the signal will heat my skin, eyes and testicles (not even a medical issue necessary, but a matter of personal choice); evidence of effects on the sweat glands and a number of other things.

    I’m especially concerned about the possibility of harm to the insect population. Experiment has shown the signals messing bees up. Until we know for sure why the insect population is collapsing I think we should have a very cautious approach to RF transimitters and do much more through research on what’s already been going on.

    Here’s one article:

  32. Avatar Tickle Golems 12/04/2020 @ 8:09 am

    5G was used in Iraq as a targeted weapon to burn people for crowd dispersal. My friend was a nurse at a local hospital none of the neurosurgeons would ever use their phones without a hands free or keep them on thier body.. I dont like property being destroyed either but people are sick of being lied to this is absolutely expected… It sucks that you put up a strawman of the most extreme speculations when fear of this new technology is totally legitimate..

  33. Avatar Anita 12/04/2020 @ 10:44 pm

    During the recent years over 240 scientists from more than 40 countries have expressed their “serious concerns”, via EMF Scientists Appeal, regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices – already before the additional 5G roll-out.this is a fact !

  34. Avatar Anita 12/04/2020 @ 10:48 pm

    The 5G Appeal was prepared in 2017 by scientists and doctors who are urgently calling for the EU to halt the roll out of 5G due to serious potential health effects from this new technology. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be armful for humans and the environment. 

  35. Avatar Holly 27/04/2020 @ 12:27 am

    Did a twelve year old write this article?

    • Scott Bicheno Scott Bicheno 27/04/2020 @ 9:09 am

      Yes – I’m so proud.

  36. Avatar Nicholas Deas 14/06/2020 @ 7:26 pm

    Any headline to try and knock scousers ay… Bravo you must be very proud.. So lets get facts right, there’s been over 70 arson attacks on phone masts around the country.. Oh and Brussels are not convinced by many people’s new belief of science to back up that mobile phones cause cancer. Yes humans have been in contact with radiation/emf through the history, with the likes of sonar and early mobile phones that first came on the market.. even imagine what the first television sets were like with what they were giving off as well.. apologies for the grammar as I’m obviously not as educated as some on here.. but entitled to an opinion and I don’t have a good feeling over 5G. Love from the glorious city of Liverpool.

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