BT pledges to no job cuts over the next three months

BT has introduced several news measures for employees to feel more comfortable and secure in their roles as more businesses face the threat of coronavirus.

Although the telecommunications industry is critical in dealing with the on-going COVID-19 outbreak, BT is a consumer business with functions which are becoming slightly redundant nowadays. High street retailer Debenhams is to file for administration thanks to the closure of its retail footprint, demonstrating the threat to those employees who work in the retail functions or non-essential roles.

“BT is stepping up, standing by the country in this time of need and standing by our people who are working tirelessly to keep everyone connected, safe and working,” said CEO Philip Jansen.

“I have been extremely proud of the commitment shown by BT colleagues to support our customers in the last few weeks and want to recognise that. This is an unprecedented situation and I want to give our people some certainty about the months ahead. This period requires sacrifices from us all, and I want our people to know we are all in this together.”

BT currently has more than 650 retail locations throughout the UK, branded with both BT and EE, accounting for 4,200 employees. BT has said it is also reskilling and redeploying some retail employees to provide services to some of the most vulnerable customers.

As part of this commitment, BT has said no employees will lose their job as a result of COVID-19 over the next three months, it will continue to pay all employees’ salaries in full and will not put any staff on publicly funded ‘furlough’. As of July 1, all non-managerial staff will be offered a 1.5% pay rise and every employee will be awarded £500 worth of BT shares in June.

At a time where many around the UK will be worried about their livelihoods, BT is stepping-up to be a more responsible employer, to offer peace of mind for at least the next three months.


  1. Avatar Berni 06/04/2020 @ 3:08 pm

    Non management grades are getting a pay rise but managers aren’t .. poor

  2. Avatar Peter smith 07/04/2020 @ 6:35 pm

    Not fully true. Still going ahead with moving peoples jobs elsewhere in the country within BT and leaving them out of work, work is still there but as BT have decided to move it it becomes the original employees problem, possible redundancies as part of their reorg

  3. Avatar Pete 09/04/2020 @ 12:41 am

    Misleading. Redundancies are still happening and being announced and consulted on now in this climate.

  4. Avatar T Jones 18/06/2020 @ 4:15 pm

    My husband is being TUPE across to BT and immediately put at risk of redundancy. So this is not true.

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