YouTube changes rules to ban 5G conspiracy talk from platform

Google-owned YouTube has altered its community guidelines to ensure all conspiracy theories which suggest 5G is the cause or an accelerator of COVID-19 are removed from the platform.

Under the previous guidelines, such content would be labelled as borderline and therefore would be removed from the recommendation engines. YouTube would stop short of eradicating the content from the platform completely, there are of course free-speech complications, but these rules have now been amended.

All content which makes claims linking 5G as a cause of the coronavirus or suggests the mobile technology somehow aids the spread of the virus will be banned from the video platform.

This might be considered a violation of rights by the idiotic conspiracy theorists or the gullible fools who would believe such dribble, but it is fake news and should be treated as such. The communications infrastructure is far too important in combatting COVID-19 and for the recovery efforts, that everything possible should be done to protect it, including tackling misinformation campaigns.

The change in approach from YouTube was perhaps inspired by a weekend which saw dozens of telecoms masts, the very communications infrastructure used by emergency services, attacked by simpletons, some of whom believed the virus was a hoax to cover-up the ill-effects of radio frequency radiation. Others believed 5G suppresses the immune the system and a few have suggested the virus is somehow using it to communicate or transfer to new hosts.

The claims are amazingly ridiculous, on par with the escapades of Spongebob Squarepants, though there are still some in society who listen and are subsequently inspired into criminal action.

Representatives of the social media fraternity are due to sit down with UK Government officials to discuss the dissemination of misinformation. This might have spurred YouTube into action, though videos on its platform which encouraged violence and vandalism would of course have gotten executives twitchy.

This of course will not be the end of the ridiculous theories which cause damage to society, and we suspect there will be other ways for the tinfoil hat army to find their daily fix of fantasy, but at least YouTube is not going to be assisting the ludicrous adventures of delusional nincompoops.

Should content fall into either of the categories below, it will now be removed from the YouTube platform.

  • Content that disputes the existence or transmission of COVID-19, as described by the WHO and local health authorities
  • If any content suggests that COVID-19 does not exist or that the symptoms are caused by 5G (or not caused by anything other than the virus) are now in violation of our policies. In addition, claims that taking the COVID-19 test will lead to contracting the virus are also in violation of our policies
  • Private Networks in a 5G World

  • 5G Networking Digital Symposium

  • LIVE: Getting the Best out of 5G

  • 5G Ecosystem Digital Symposium

  • 2020 Vision Executive Summit

  • TechXLR8

  • BIG 5G Event

  • 5G World

  • 5G Latin America


  1. Avatar Blair 08/04/2020 @ 11:12 pm

    What an amazingly ignorant article. You can’t just silence masses, and it is masses…to not see, as a journalist especially, that any restriction of these types of freedoms is draconian and a slippery slope is unacceptable. I cannot believe how much blind allegiance there is to a system that has repeatedly failed. There are countries that have banned 5G due to potential health concerns and whether that is true or justified or not, there’s concern there…I truly hope it’s not something that everyone looks back on and wishes they’d listen to those with alternative ideas. Like with gravity…or the earth being round…?

    • Avatar Billy 10/04/2020 @ 4:52 pm

      Totally agree with Blair, the stupidity of this article is mind-numbing. The blatant ignorance that controlling free speech is masked by the phrase that “we are controlling misinformation” will go down in infamy in history. People have the right to make up their own minds about the information they receive and to somehow think that everything has to be spoon-fed to the public because they cannot handle it is the biggest crock of shit if there ever was one. I cannot believe that this writer even calls himself a journalist, there has not been enough studies around 5G to determine its health effect on the population. To be willfully ignorant of this is complicity in the aftermath of what might be. I am astonished by the blatant stupidy and indeed dogmatic idealogy within this article.

  2. Avatar Andrew Stone 09/04/2020 @ 7:05 pm

    Switzerland a leader in the deployment recently halted deployment indefinitely over health concerns.
    To claim there is absolutely no basis for this is as ridiculous as claiming doctors who suspected smoking caused cancer were “simpletons”.
    No dedicated long term research has been conducted on this and the technology is rapidly loosing faith with the public, banning even the suggestion of it being unhealthy is a dangerous slope and will just fuel further resentment. I just hope this disgusting technology dies a death and is confined to the history books.

  3. Avatar Meru 10/04/2020 @ 9:13 am

    Sorry but I remember thalidomide victims; when smoking was promoted as cool; when DDT was safe to use etc. etc.
    I am not jumping on the paranoia bandwagon but the roll out of products or technology that have not received proper clinical trials or long term effects study has historic precedent that has proved harmful or even deadly to many

  4. Avatar Lynn 18/04/2020 @ 12:51 am

    What y’all ought to ban is 5g. You can’t tell me. That all this radiation is safe for people .people have rights to care about there family.

  5. Avatar TRENT WATSON 09/05/2020 @ 5:57 pm

    its 11 56 am CST not sure why the time onb that says otherwise again please beat the ass of zukerburg and shove a sock in his mouth
    diotic azz klowns for banning content these kokzukers should be beaten severely for the crime of banning free speech – if any one see facebooks zukerberg or you tube CFO CEO etc they should immediately beat their ass and shove a sock in their mouth as a symbolic getsure and a warning to others not to tread on our freedoms

  6. Avatar TRENT WATSON 09/05/2020 @ 6:15 pm

    Your comment is awaiting moderation
    lol no doubt these clowns are also suppressing free speech

    • Scott Bicheno Scott Bicheno 11/05/2020 @ 9:08 am

      You’re welcome.

  7. Avatar Nico 04/04/2021 @ 1:18 pm

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. The comments make me lose faith in humanity. So does this article though.

    Yes, desinformation is dangerous, especially when it inspires criminal action. But it’s a mirror, one which society should be forced to stare into. Let humanity destroy itself already, it’s not worth the energy to fight these people. It really isn’t.

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