CityFibre announces major UK recruitment drive

Fibre network provider CityFibre couldn’t have picked a better time to announce it wants to fill 10,000 network construction positions.

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic contraction will leave a lot of people out of work, so any recruitment announcement is welcome. CityFibre, which now refers to itself as the UK’s third national digital infrastructure platform, has announced a three-year programme to recruit and train ‘up to’ 10,000 people to help it with its fibre build-out.

It looks like CityFibre is going to make a special point of recruiting unemployed people through a network of recruitment partners, such as Veterans Employment Transition and Inside Connections. It’s not known how long these recruits will be employed for, but any work is better than nothing and they should acquire transferrable skills in the process.

“The programme will reach deep into our society to include some of those most in need of opportunity,” said Steve Holliday, Chairman at CityFibre. “Ultimately, it will ensure the skilled workforce is in place to get the job done and at the same time provide up-skilling and well-paid jobs across more than 100 towns and cities.

“In the wake of the coronavirus, delivering the government’s target of full fibre nationwide by 2025 could not be more important. Of all the infrastructure projects and industrial policies under consideration, full fibre will have the biggest impact in the shortest time, and for the least public money. It will help ensure that the UK not only recovers economically, but that it swiftly transitions to a greener, smarter and fairer economy in which to thrive.”

Expect there to be a lot of business announcements that align themselves closely to economic recovery in the coming months. This is a good time to be involved in any sector that can be politically linked to that process, as the UK government currently has an unprecedented appetite for chucking public money at such things. The tap will have to be turned off sooner or later, however, so smart companies should consider accelerating their investment plans.

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