Brits are among the least concerned about 5G and health

New research from strategic communications consultancy Kekst CNC reveals that the UK is one of the countries with the fewest worries about the health implications of 5G.

That comes as something of a surprise, given the vigour with which our nutters set about telecoms gear in April. But it looks like that spasm of vandalism was not only brief, but totally unrepresentative of the average British punter. As you can see from the table below, UK respondents were the least likely to think there’s a link between 5G and coronavirus and the most likely to think There are no health concerns whatsoever associated with the rollout of 5G.

“With every new generation of mobile network technology comes new concerns around health,” said James Johnson, Senior Advisor at Kekst CNC. “While mobile network operators will be pleased that the public has rightly ruled out a link with COVID-19, they will be worried about the broad association that 5G can be detrimental to health. Even before this pandemic, mobile operators were dusting off their health issue management playbooks, but our research highlights that there is still a lot of education to be done before these negative associations are completely dispelled.”

We got a look at some more of the data, specifically the second question, and found that a sizable minority of respondents disagree with the statement that 5G poses no health risk. In the UK 15% either slightly or strongly disagree with the statement, in the US it’s 17% and in Germany and Sweden it’s 19%. Those who weren’t sure either way were strongly represented too.

In the UK the 35-44 age bracket was most likely to disagree, which is probably a result of heightened parental protectiveness. People were more likely to disagree as you go down the economic scale and London (not Liverpool) was the region most likely to disagree. Those demographic trends weren’t very closely matched in other countries, however, so it’s hard to read too much into them.

“Though significant majorities dismiss a clear link between 5G and coronavirus, conspiracy theories prey on doubt,” said Johnson. “This research shows that significant numbers are unsure that 5G is free of any impact on health, across the UK, Europe, Japan and the United States. In all these countries, the telecoms industry and governments alike should not assume the 5G conspiracy has gone away – it still lingers, and major players will need to navigate this issue carefully as 5G rolls out.”

It’s bad luck for the telecoms industry that the commercial launch of such a significant technological evolution should coincide with an exceptional global health crisis. As Johnson says, we should avoid complacency and keep working to educate the world about the scientific realities of low frequency electromagnetic radiation. If there are subsequent peaks of this pandemic, it would be nice to avoid another spate of telecoms vandalism.

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  1. Avatar Shelley 12/06/2020 @ 10:02 am

    Why has no testing been done on the impact of human and wildlife health before the roll out? In an era of health and safety gone mad, how has this slipped through the net, when it is going to impact the whole country and population? I’m not a scientist, I’m not saying it is dangerous or it isn’t, because I don’t know. I just want the testing and studies to be done. That’s not too much to ask, surely?

    • Scott Bicheno Scott Bicheno 12/06/2020 @ 10:07 am

      How do you know no testing has been done?

      • Avatar Emma 12/06/2020 @ 10:52 am

        Because the Imperial College London said so in their current SCAMP study on thousands of schoolchildren funded by the UK government. Which is a study mirrored across the EU.

      • Because it all has to meet rigorous regulations at a national and international level agreed by the ITU and OFCOM/FCC et al.

        No guessing, no witch doctors, no vested interests, no charlatans and no fools involved AND no history or incident of anyone being damaged or hurt for over 70 years!

        Believe me or Mary on FaceBook – your call!

        • Avatar Ray Winter 12/06/2020 @ 4:14 pm

          To find the details of the SAR levels assessment, go to :

          Then note the critical comments at the end of the description. Clearly Governments and Operators want 5G for the massive extra revenues and it seems from the comments that not too much thought has been given to the effects of the frequencies on the human body..

    • Avatar Ray Winter 12/06/2020 @ 3:22 pm

      Hi Shelley, You are right to be very worried. When I was CEO of Navstar System, the world’s leading GPS company, at the time, we investigated all frequencies used by telecommunications companies and we found that up to 2.5Mhz (4G) was relatively safe in use but anything over 2.8MHz created excessive heat from the handset, which is close to human tissue and that heat could cause cancers and tumors. So, with UK 5G being 3.6MHz I believe it could cause major health problems, especially to heavy users of 5G handsets. so I shall be staying with my 4G handset. Take extra care with young children as their skulls may still be unhardened which would make them extremely vulnerable. Dr. Ray Winter

  2. Avatar Emma 12/06/2020 @ 10:49 am

    There is no evidence to prove wireless technology at these levels we are now seeing, is safe. It needs a long period of time and a lot of people to gather data. In 2016 UK workplace laws came in to force to limit employees to EMF as there is now evidence higher levels of EMF non ionising radiation is unsafe hence the exposure limits for masts. But who is measuring the increasing cumulative levels around the general population?
    There is a UK gov funded study currently ongoing involving thousands of schoolchildren as they reach adulthood but this won’t be released for another decade.
    The energy contained in wireless waves is absorbed by the head and body. Just because one mast may be ‘within legal non ionising EMF limits’ doesn’t count the cumulative exposure for the hundreds of other wireless sources now in our immediate and distant environment being absorbed 24 hours of the day even as we sleep.
    5G and a smart grid and increase in smart appliances is going to add an unprecedented and dangerous amount of energy which will tip things over the edge for children especially as they are living a longer life exposed as previous generations haven’t had so much.

    • Avatar Ray Winter 12/06/2020 @ 3:45 pm

      Emma, You are right to be very worried. See my comment to Shelley. UK 5G uses 3.6 Mhz which is a very high frequency and the operators want people to be under continuous surveillance to maximise revenues. This means 24/7, which also means you will not be out of range and that includes in your home. In my view this will substantially increase us to exposure to a SAR [Specific Absorption Rate) value that is dangerous and which will cause an increase in cancers and tumors. By law, every handset instruction book must specify its SAR value. The real problem is that pre 16 yr old children with their soft bodily tissues, especially around the head, will make them extremely vulnerable. In fact at Navstar Systems we designed a special antenna that radiated frequencies away from the head but the Mobile Operators were not interested as it would mean an admission there was a potential problem My advice: Do not give young children access to a 5G handset until the network operators can prove beyond any doubt that 5G is safe. Ray Winter

      • Avatar Michael V 12/06/2020 @ 7:45 pm

        @Ray. If U consider 3.4 / 3.5ghz to be very high, U must be terrified of home WiFi routers that use 5GHz band! Your phones are transmitters also. Tests have been carried out & all existing frequencies used are will within the law.
        We don’t see anyone complaining about the Tesla cars that have built in mmWave receivers/transmitters, that are ready for when mmWave launches, [but those bands won’t even be auctioned off in the next auction later this year.]
        We had this panic when LTE launched. The newer frequency bands are no danger to us.

  3. Avatar Nina Wood 18/06/2020 @ 7:58 pm

    It breaks my heart to see nature crumbling around y me, trees dying everywhere I look, watching their limp branches droop and young healthy trees now crumbling all dried up, ancient oak trees reduced to dried up skeletons, butterflies a rarity, bees depleting in numbers that farmers hire bee hives from the local council, do you not realise these living beings are our life providers for our sustainability, or maybe that is the plan, kill nature humans get sick, radiate their food, water, kill their children with frequencies their poor little bodies can’t cope with, we already know that there is an agenda to depopulate us, I hope you and your family are not immune from the effects of electromagnetic frequency poisoning I think its absolutely shocking and it is a criminal offence that you are violating our human rights as to the fact we have no choice but to have this inflicted on humanity all we can do is prey that you don’t learn to take our souls and that someone will put things right

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