13 member states falling behind on supply chain evaluations: European Commission

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The European Commission has released an update regarding progress to improve resiliency of 5G supply chains, finding 13 member states are failing to move at an adequate pace.

While these members have not been named and shamed by the European Commission, it is a worryingly high proportion of the total. There are only 27 member states across the bloc, suggesting almost half are shirking their responsibilities to screen foreign direct investment which could have a destabilising impact on the 5G ecosystem and supply chain.

“The timely rollout of 5G networks is strategically important for all Member States as it can open new opportunities for businesses, transform our critical sectors and benefit European citizens,” said Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President for a Europe Fit for the Digital Age.

“Our common priority and responsibility is to ensure that these networks are secure and, while this report shows we have undergone great strides, a lot of work remains ahead.”

Although the European Commission seemingly wants to avoid simply dictating rules to the members states, this might be the case should only half have an interest in complying with nudges in the right direction. The objective of the ‘Toolbox for 5G Security’ is not only to create a standardised approach across the bloc, but to foster mechanisms which place security and resiliency at the top of the priority list, an alien concept to most.

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