Google in talks for more prominence on Samsung devices: report

According to reports on Bloomberg, Google and Samsung are in preliminary talks to grant more search tasks to Google products on the Korean devices.

Thanks to ownership of the Android operating system, Google already has a healthy amount of real estate on the Samsung devices, but a deal between the two could see Google’s digital assistant and Play Store granted more prominence. This would be a major win for Google, offering more opportunities to collect data and monetize its core online advertising business.

Google is of course the market leader when it comes to search products, digital assistant and the app ecosystem, however Samsung has been attempting to diversify its revenues through the creation of its own software and services segment. Bixby, its own attempt to create a digital assistant, could face the chopping block should these reports be true, as could the Bada operating system.

Samsung will benefit financially from granting more exposure to Google products on its devices, but this will be a fraction of what could be achieved through owning the services itself. That said, should it continue down the current route, attempting to compete with Google, user experience could be impacted. This is a hardware manufacturing company after all, not a software engineering firm.

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