Google readies its assault on 5G smartphone market

Google has announced it will launch the Pixel 4a later this month, with the 5G-compatible devices prepped for the autumn.

The Pixel devices have been quiet collecting applauds from industry analysts, as well as gradually growing its market share. It is far from a global force in the smartphone manufacturing segment, but in certain markets, the US for example, it is starting to see more success.

Surges in popularity of course pair with launches of new devices, but the trends are certainly heading in the right direction for the firm.

Global market share for smartphone ownership – Global Stats, statcounter
Month Samsung Huawei Apple Xiaomi Google
July 20 30.95% 10.75% 24.82% 8.94% 0.65%
April 20 30.41% 10.28% 28.79% 7.6% 0.75%
January 20 31.29% 10.61% 24.76% 8.1% 0.69%
October 19 31.49% 10.02% 22.09% 7.79% 2.35%
July 19 31.13% 9.15% 22.01% 7.76% 0.62%
April 19 32.16% 8.72% 22.76% 7.21% 0.55%
January 19 32.16% 7.87% 22.85% 7.88% 0.49%
October 18 30.07% 7.37% 22.34% 7.26% 0.48%

The spike in market share for Google in October 2019 can be attributed to the launch of the Pixel 4 series of devices. Although the surge was only temporary, there were several issues with the devices over the coming months, Google will hope this reception is replicated with the new launches.

The marketing message for these devices is simple; the same functionality as mainstream brands but at a reduced cost. Whether the reality lives up to the promise remains to be seen, but at a time where smartphones are being extortionately expensive and family budgets are being squeezed, there might be some traction.

“Last year, Pixel 3a gave people a chance to get the helpful features of Pixel at a more affordable price,” said Brian Rakowski, VP of Product Management at Pixel.

“This year, Pixel 4a — which launches this month — and the first 5G-enabled Pixels, Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 coming this fall, will continue to bring the features people love — like an incredible camera and feature drops that make your phone better over time — packaged in sleek new hardware at more affordable prices.”

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