O2 UK launches IoT kit to help businesses adapt to COVID-19

As UK businesses try to make a few quid despite the fact that there’s a bug going around, O2 reckons it can help with the arcane safety measures required.

The ‘new normal’ of COVID-19 Britain consists of a Byzantine set of arbitrary and ephemeral rules, imposed on pain of criminalization for our own good. While the travel and hospitality sectors have probably been the worst hit by this draconian reaction to a novel pandemic, any business that requires people to leave the house in order to make money is having to make profound adjustments.

UK operator O2 reckons some of that hassle may be lessened through the power of IoT, so its business arm has launched a new suite of digital services it thinks may come in handy. They include at thermal imaging tablet that the somewhat ominous sounding ‘Contactless Visitor Management’; a handheld thermal imaging that can help with the stigmatisation of anyone who’s a bit hot; and a social distancing room management tool that tells you when a room is too full potentially pestilent people.

“As we look to rebuild Britain, these new COVID-19 solutions will help minimise the risk of spreading the virus as the nation returns to work – through automation and reducing moments of physical interaction,” said Jo Bertram, Managing Director at O2 Business. “It will not only help businesses get back on their feet but bolster their confidence as they reopen their doors over the coming weeks and months.”

“We are excited to partner with O2 to deliver COVID-19 safeguarding solutions,” said John Davenport, Sales Director at Bell Integration. “IoT can play a major role in maintaining social distancing and helping to prevent the spread of the virus. We believe O2’s extensive connectivity, combined with Bell Integration’s experience in deploying cutting-edge IoT solutions, will enable organisations to return to the workplace safely.”

Alternatively you could just stay at home and have Zoom meetings. Everyone still loves those, right?

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