The game of cat-and-mouse between Huawei and the US continues

Tense relations between United States and China. Concept of conflict and stress

Yet another set of restrictions have been placed by the US on Huawei and anyone even slightly associated with it.

The stated reason for the new restrictions, which just seem to be more of the same, is that Huawei keeps trying to get around existing ones, especially when it comes to the chips it needs for its phones. Last week Huawei revealed that it was running out of such components, so it’s not surprising to hear it has been trying every means possible to get hold of more.

“Huawei and its foreign affiliates have extended their efforts to obtain advanced semiconductors developed or produced from U.S. software and technology in order to fulfill the policy objectives of the Chinese Communist Party,” said US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

“As we have restricted its access to U.S. technology, Huawei and its affiliates have worked through third parties to harness U.S. technology in a manner that undermines U.S. national security and foreign policy interests. This multi-pronged action demonstrates our continuing commitment to impede Huawei’s ability to do so.”

You can’t beat a bit of multi-pronged action to get the job done. Most of the prongs in question seem to be to impose more restrictions on the use of intermediaries to get around the restrictions, as well as adding 38 more companies with ‘Huawei’ in their name to the shit-list. On top of that the temporary general license that was in place to help US companies adapt to the changes how now expired, which will mean things like Android updates for Huawei phones will cease.

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  1. Avatar Staale Morten Sørensen 18/08/2020 @ 8:09 pm

    If anyone steals your homework again and again and again, and then get rich, you are right to get really angry. And understand USA.

    • Avatar Andy Tiller 07/09/2020 @ 7:39 pm

      It happened to me in a company I worked for years ago, but I think China is now past the days when they need to steal homework. Chinese companies can go toe-to-toe with the US in innovation, and the US doesn’t like it one bit. Sure we can all be angry about the past, but that’s no excuse for the Trump administration’s irresponsible approach to the situation – what they are doing is no good for anyone (except possibly a weak president who needs to look powerful in order to get re-elected).

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