The Sunrise has got its Red Hat on

Swiss MNO Sunrise has picked open-source software specialist Red Hat to build a hybrid cloud-ready platform, to make sure it’s nice and agile.

This is all about making sure as much of the network plumbing as possible can be virtualized and housed in the cloud, thus allowing all the flexibility and DevOps mindset operators are always being told they need. The news coincides with Red Hat launching a bunch of new products designed to enable this sort of thing, including updates to ‘OpenShift’ and the exotically-named ‘Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes’.

“We wanted to go all-in on containers, and we were convinced by Red Hat OpenShift as a powerful platform that would enable us to leap into the future,” said Sunrise CTO Elmar Grasser. “Now OpenShift is a central part of our business IT and has given us the opportunity to be more flexible and responsive.

“Red Hat understood our goals and challenges, and through close collaboration has helped us streamline the implementation and get the team fluent with the platform and its capabilities. We’ve been able to simplify processes to become more efficient. Now that we can move faster, we’re constantly evaluating how to accelerate innovation and improve the customer experience even further.”

“Sunrise is passionate about its transition to a more agile culture and cloud-native architecture and is using Red Hat OpenShift in a forward-thinking way that elevates it to a powerful position to execute on its strategies for 5G, cloud edge computing, Internet of Things  and new vertical industry opportunities as these elements come together,” said Darrell Jordan Smith, VP of Global Industries at Red Hat, apparently all in one breath.

Sunrise is having a busy time of it recently, what with being acquired by Liberty Global and everything. We don’t know if Red Hat already does this sort of thing for UPC Switzerland, but either way it seems likely to get more work from their combined operations when the deal goes through.

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