KPN taps Ericsson to replace Huawei in 5G core

Following its announcement last April, KPN has moved ahead with plans to remove Huawei equipment from its core network.

The Dutch incumbent revealed on Thursday that it recently signed a preliminary agreement with Ericsson to deploy a new 5G core. The first tests – involving voice and data sessions between multiple locations and autonomous vehicles – have been carried out, and technical implementation is on course to begin before the end of the year.

“With our new mobile core network, we are ready for the data flows of the future, real-time communication and massive IoT. This will open up new digital solutions for our customers and for Dutch society at large,” said KPN chairman and CEO Joost Farwerck, in a statement.

In a separate statement, Ericsson said it is a five-year deal that covers the deployment of its cloud-native, dual-mode core, meaning KPN will be able to support both non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) 5G.

Ericsson will also provide dual-mode 5G core software, as well as support services including systems integration and third-line tech support.

“We will work closely with KPN to ensure that consumers and enterprises in the Netherlands can benefit from the emerging opportunities of 5G as it embraces digitalisation,” said Arun Bansal, president of Ericsson’s Europe and Latin America ops. “Ericsson’s cloud-native dual-mode 5G core provides the cutting-edge, container-based, microservice architecture that will help KPN to both develop new business models as well as move onto the next level of network operational efficiency.”

KPN was quick out the gate when it came to blocking Huawei from its core network on national security grounds. Huawei of course maintains that its products don’t include any backdoors to Beijing, and while KPN did sign a 5G RAN deal with the Chinese kit maker, it made it clear it would remove Huawei equipment from its core, and go with a Western supplier instead.

“By partnering with Ericsson on the latest technologies, Gigabit data rates, real-time communication and massive IoT are becoming reality,” Babak Fouladi, KPN’s chief technology and digital officer. “This will enable new functionalities and capabilities for our customers and society and confirms KPN is truly delivering on its promise to be the network of the Netherlands.”

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  1. Avatar Jordy 15/10/2020 @ 5:46 pm

    Good. We should boycott China and take our manufacturing somewhere else.

    • Avatar Andrew 16/10/2020 @ 9:42 pm

      Agreed. Boot them back to china

  2. Avatar Jerome 16/10/2020 @ 1:29 am

    8 to 9 out of 10 article’s purpose of this forum solely were to attack hwahwei. Despite kpn story is true or fake, this forum just try to dig any unfavorable stories from a series of step by step demonizing a successful company, I urge all reader to dump this forum since their motive is evil and unjustified just like Trump and Pompal. Certainly I praise this forum never block users comments in any way.

  3. Avatar F Teo... former Ericsson. 16/10/2020 @ 3:34 am

    Please research huawei business practices and their technology theft. For one, they killed Nortel by stealing its tech blazenly. They copied Cisco verbatim, ripped off Ericcson and Nokia gear. Such practise are illegal and toxic. On top of that the CCP gave them billions in cheap to free loans. If no body stops Huawei, in 20 years there are no other companies left!!!. And you all will be put out of a job. To late to complain then, the Jackboot will be on your face!!!.

    • Avatar Andi 16/10/2020 @ 9:41 pm


    • Avatar Abdullah 17/10/2020 @ 3:03 pm

      It is not about jobs only. It is about development. Huawei doesn’t develop. It steels technology and copy. This will affect human life evolution.
      Secondly, why would companies deal with unethical party. Huawei and all Chinese organizations have no human values and Corona virus is the best example nowadays. If Chinese government had values, the virus would be contained in China.
      Those people are a poison in human beings.

      • Avatar Joost van der Burg 27/11/2020 @ 5:34 pm

        your comment makes you look ignorant, if Huawei doesn’t develop, how can Huawei be advanced in 5G, where did Huawei steal 5G from? doesn’t make any sense.
        and speaking of corona, it is contained in China, and containing the virus needs time, here in Europe is still struggling, not to mention the US.

        • Avatar Ecke 06/04/2021 @ 11:40 am

          Try to remember, how they handled the epidemic in China especially in Wuhan!
          The Chinese authorities nailed the outer doors byvforce where in the dwellinggs people were like animals in their houses so no one could get out. No one could leave even Wuhan. However, the obscure information to the outside world, was free to travel out from China!
          It is a fact that COVID-19 spread all over the world because of it!

  4. Avatar ted 16/10/2020 @ 4:51 am

    China troll… Or are you a bot?

  5. Avatar Norman Wong 16/10/2020 @ 1:26 pm

    It’s ridiculous! Is there any concrete evidence or proof of whatever the US is accusing Huawai of wrong doing???? Citing only due to National Security- any fool can say that too.

  6. Avatar Martin 16/10/2020 @ 4:51 pm

    Unfair business practices by Huawei left many without jobs and this has to stop. Unfair includes unethical ..especially here in Africa in the guise of cutting costs.

  7. Avatar Jess 17/10/2020 @ 7:02 am

    Ha! It seems more like the west trying to squash its competitors because they got outsmarted and Asian tech has surpassed them. As the next superpower will be determined by tech dominance, it is a very logical move of the west to eliminate non-western competitors. I never used kpn, and I never will. I wonder if Huawei was American owned, the west would react in the same manner, I’d bet they wouldn’t. What I’ve learned as an expat living in Asia, is that the western smear campaign is as dirty as it gets.

  8. Avatar Haha lho 20/10/2020 @ 1:02 am

    Very simple, CIA cant spy anymore to kill anyone secretly with Huawei network.

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