US offers Brazil money to not use Huawei as China turns on Sweden

A new front has opened up in the Trump administration’s ongoing trade war with China, while China has made its feelings clear about Sweden’s recent ban.

This time the setting is Brazil, where – according to a Reuters report late on Tuesday – a US trade delegation visiting the capital Brasilia offered financing to telcos that source network equipment from vendors other than Huawei.

The delegation was led by national security advisor Robert O’Brien, who met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro ahead of the signing of a bank financing agreement that paves the way for further cooperation between the two countries in several industry sectors, 5G being one of them.

Huawei, with its competitively-priced products, already supplies Brazilian telcos. However, with the government preparing to auction 5G spectrum next year, it is a good time for Washington to exert its influence in an effort to convince them to shop elsewhere.

“China has made a very significant move in Brazil. They’re Brazil’s biggest trading partner, so it’s something that we’re concerned about,” said US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, in the report.

The US does a fair amount of business with Brazil too. In 2019, the US exported $67.4 billion worth of goods and services there, and imported $37.6 billion. Both Trump and Bolsonaro are keen to increase trade, but it looks like Brazil will first have to toe the US line on Huawei.

Already this week we have seen Sweden close the door on Huawei. The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) on Tuesday banned operators from procuring new equipment from both Huawei and ZTE for use in networks rolled out in the 2.3 GHz and 3.5 GHz bands. Telcos planning to repurpose any of their current Huawei and ZTE gear for use in these networks must phase it out by the start of 2025.

That decision could have negative consequences for Swedish kit maker Ericsson though.

“Without any evidence, the Swedish side used national security as an excuse to groundlessly discredit Chinese companies, openly suppress Chinese telecommunications companies, and politicise normal economic cooperation,” said Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry in a pointed statement. “The Swedish side should uphold an objective and fair attitude, correct wrong decisions, and avoid negative impacts on Sino-Swedish economic and trade cooperation and Swedish enterprises’ operations in China.”

Still, Huawei has a somewhat unlikely ally in Japan – for now at least. According to reports last week, the government will decline to sign up to any framework that bans 5G equipment supplied by specific countries, and will instead take its own measures to assess the risk of using Huawei’s products. However, at the same time, Japan is also keen to strengthen cooperation with the US on cybersecurity, so it would come as little surprise if Tokyo subsequently falls in line with Washington.

With Sweden siding with the US, but Japan keeping its own counsel for the time being, it is perhaps too tricky at this point to predict which way Brazil will swing.


  1. Avatar Cletus the clown 21/10/2020 @ 8:45 pm

    Japan has a de facto ban on Huawei. They were one of the first to do so and none of the operators are using them for 5G.
    The government is keen to back Japanese industry to build their own 5G capability with NEC teaming up with DoCoMo. Check the Nikkei Asian Review article from July 16 on this.

  2. Avatar Jerome 21/10/2020 @ 10:58 pm

    It is Kungflu which has made USA, in part, the greatest nation on earth. I hope Biden can read this article.

    Your previous article mentioned that NASA will team up with Nokia by using Ran techonogy. The purpose of that articles was trying to give people an impression RAN is a leading solution to telecoms especially in 5G. As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with current 5g infrastructure as to which is better despite that NASA use it. Recently, lots of RAN advocates omit word “open” to RAN only since OPEN put this technology in a death sentence.

    If you patiently finish reading my article, you will understand why NASA want to team up with Nokia, actually that is no difference to team up with hwahwei unfer trump hateful China policy.

    Nokia telecom branch was completely a USA company in new Jersey Red Bank, homedal 2 decades ago with tens of thousands of Chinese engineers just like Hwahwei.

    I lived in that environment 40 years ago, in red bank, homedal area in NJ near Bell lab, which employed with more than 30 thousand workers. In late 80s, this institution was split to Bell lab and Lucent. Lucent was operated under At&T as a profit driven private company. later it was saled to Alcatel French, and finally to Nokia Finland. When changed to Lucent, most Chinese and Indian engineers got laid off from Bell Lab and recruited to Lucent. Chinese and Indian engineers composed almost 75 percent in actual engineering work in Bell Lab. The rest of 20 to 30 percent were Whites America in project control and decision making post, and most of them preserved their job in Bell lab. All those Chinese and Indian engineers are all citizen of USA, they worked very hard and were loyal to Bell lab. Lots of Chinese engineer worked since 1940 to 1960. Those engineer were from China as a student during 1911 to 1948 and from 1998 to 2017 (Trump stop it) by gengzi war compensation refund scolorship treaty with China. One to two hundred students every year major mostly in science and engineeing. They were the best in China in one billion population. Bell lab, Nasa structure sytem , Texas intruments etc.. were their rooting place.

    In Bell lab, those chinese engineer had helped White America project leader won more than a dozen Nobel prize. They always worked quietly behind the scene. Chinese engineers also won 4 nobel prize in their work. A chinese team help Dennis Ritchie wrote the C comiper and Unix os with its ecosystem
    In late 70s and early 80s. The telecom routing infurstructure project written for US military was a proud work from Chinese team, certainly those are team works with lots of White America project leader.

    During Sanfancisco earthquake in late 80s, a team with pure Chinese flew to SF to rescue the big area fragile telecom system by re-routing all network without phisical repair those facilities in a very short period of time.

    The fiber optic transmission was also invented by chinese scientist in Bell lab in mid 80 and won a Nobil prize for Bell lab.

    But why did breaking up Bell lab happen? At that time, we had a white supremacist God father William barr at his 40s. He at first was a lawyer consulting for Verizon and later worked for US goverment on the overhaul of infarstructure of telecommunication industry in USA.

    He always visited Bell lab and was shocked by the office scene, a Asian work place full with Chinese and Indians, and with White America project controller who were mostly stayed in big closed splendied office. His mindset was: why Bell lab, not a profit driven but research institute supported by US government for a dozen of billions of dollars a year, should be given the resources and credentials to Chinese and Indian immigrants. So our genuine William barr, a telecom coordinator working for the USA government made a tricky game by creating a shell company At&t and owned Lucent, which most of skilled immigrant worker removed from Bell lab to Lucent. Later lucent was purchased by French Arctec and by Nokia Finland finally. This is the reason why USA can not have a solid 5g company, also William barr recently told the government to buy back Nokia. if Barr did not split Bell lab, USA will dominate world telecom industry.

    Nokia has been
    Drifted around for 20 years by lots of merging and without a central spirit to work, and lost lots of outstanding engineers. Losing those real engineers, original Bell Lab can not do nothing, had become a junk institution wasting lots of tax

    Inside Nokia, more than half of engineers are Chinese, what is the difference between this company and hwahwei if they creat hateful thoughts after Trump and Pompal attacking Chinese in everyway they could, despite they were owned by Finland Nokia.

    It’s the same to NASA structure system, Nastran system, which design all NASA hardware system for 70 years where most of engineers were PhDs and super PHDs. The stunning fact is 85 percent of engineersare are Chinese. Nastran was the system I worked almost 40 years ago. Should we bury nastran or make them proud of USA again. Nastran had similar history like Bell lab. In 60 to 70, Nastran solely worked and be paid by Nasa with nearly 60 percent of Chinese engineers work force. Why did I know the percentage of Chinese engineers 10 to 20 years ago in 1980, because I was a programmer in branch office in NJ at that time. When we tried to solve a big theorical problem, we had to overhaul the entire system. Those programs were written in first generation Fortran language. Traditionly , programmer wrote codes will leave their name and date and give a short description about the moudule in comments statement. From their name and their ackward English, similar as me, I could see those blood and tears were from those Chinese engineers who had been trying so hard for Nasa and Usa. That was how I got the statistic.

    My project leader who was a Chinese ever visited a few very old Chinese engineers and knew they were students from Gengzi treaty and never returned to China all their life. During 1950 to 1980, there are lots of students flee out of communist China via Honkong, Sigapore, Taiwan to USA and later became work forces in Nastran. Tsmc founder Morris Chang was one of those students worked in Texas intrument.

    Nastran branch had never been merged into NASA. Why? You probably know the answer. Finally, NASA decided to split this branch to a few company and providing full software resource with a leading company call MSC software.
    Around in 1995 MSC acquired company Universal analytics and became an unique control company of Nastran system. Now NASA want to work with Nokia or Nokia want to work with Verizon, I believe William barr had a big role on it if you trace back the history.

    I know USA may still can drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima without a few outstanding Chinese scientist, but I do know USA could not land on moon in 1969 without Nastran.

    Trump once used “kungflu” to imply pandemic, but he did not know it is Kungflu that has helped to make USA the greatest nation on earth. Why did I know Bell lab and Nokia stories, because my environment was near Red Bank new Jersey 30 to 40 years ago, where lots of my classmates worked in Bell lab.

    USA used to be a lovely and great country which I always told my Chinese family and friends. Four years ago, 10 years ago, 30 , 40 years ago my full heart was with USA that I was proud of, untill when Trump destroyed everything and I changed to have strong sympathy toward China. I believed 90 percent of Chinese America has the same feeling as me. I hope Biden can be a great President so that USA can bring all peoples together again.These stories do not need to be told if there is no Trump since we are all Americans. It is Trump who has devided this country.

    • Avatar Humberto 22/10/2020 @ 6:25 am

      Thank you so much for sharing such awesome details about America history and your personal experience! As an European I always have had curiosity about what “happened” to America ? Why do you loose so much pace since Motorola Mobility was selled to Nokia, why? What happened to NASA know how and expertise, why it can’t be applied to benefit and create an alternative to the national system? I have had so many questions.. thank you for answering some of them!
      Be safe,
      Greetings from Portugal , Humberto.

      • Avatar Jerome 22/10/2020 @ 5:32 pm

        Nastran system can be accessed any place in the world as long as it’s affordable. Almost every university in USA can access it too in engineering department. Nastran system is the most valuable system in the world. NASA needs it to design every piece of equipments, and to calculate the load and the force of those products. The design of Aircraft, automobile, skyscraper, ship, dam, jet, weapons…you name it, all needs this system. Certainly you can design it manually, but it would take forever time, and the accuracy is very low. The automobile, the aircraft , cruise ship now are so comfortable and stable are all by Nastran’s work.

        I do not believe any country can independently develop this system from scratch. A few thousands of engineers in total for 2 to 3 generations have devoted their life for 70 years period. This system may have contributed hundreds of trillions of dollars of value added product. That is why USA is such a strong country on earth.

        • Avatar Aleksandar Cabarkapa 22/10/2020 @ 10:50 pm

          My friend ,I think if Baiden win it will be a same story…They afraid of Chinese technology, 5g is very important for them, and a Huawei has adventage now in a whole world,they know that. Hmd global is owner of Nokia? Chinese company? Is iz true? And tell me please how can a Trump ,one man , made a big decision s like that alone? There is a whole group of people behind him who help him to make decisions . Please answer me on my mail [email protected] . Thanks!

          • Avatar Jerome 23/10/2020 @ 4:59 pm

            Please let other people share the story instead of just sending to your mail unless it’s strictly for your personal inquiry.

            You ask great question as to who help trump? I believe my answer will shock you. Even trump is a puppet. All central ideas of the USA policy were from one man and one man only. All cabinet member are just puppet. Trump did not care about them and do not need them. Trump’s number one priority is that he want to play a role of magic Man, a batman, a hero. Let people admire him so that he can win the election again.

            For instance, media and people blame him not telling how deadly the pandemic is, and he claimed he did not want people to be panic. For his excuse, people still blame him but accept his explanation. I would like to tell you all Americans were wrong. That was not what is in trump mind. He had terrible immoral thoughts. In February, he called Xi and got all the answer he wanted. He wanted to play God to predict what will happen to pandemic, so that American people will praise his wisdom and treat him as a hero and win the election easily.

            At that time, Xi will only tell him the truth of the current status in China about pandemic. You can imagine Xi would said ” this virus is terribly contagious and is deadly. However, China will completely got it under control in 2 to 3 weeks. Also we found plasma and qxxxxx is very helpful…” In trump mindset, American is number one in medical science and has the best doctor and the best hospital in the world, if China can contain the pandemic it will be a piece of cake for USA. What he did not know was China is a authoritarian country, it can lock down a city like New York strictly, also they have very advanced medical capacity there plus unlimit man power to fight.

            Trump misjudged the situation and he wanted to play god and to cover up the most urgent info to all Americans since he wanted people think that he is a genuine to predict right. in that way, he wasted 6 week to prepare for the worse. If he had that 6 weeks, pandemic will have a different story in USA.

            To live or die is in god’s hand, but his selfish and immoral motive had put the entire country at risk, and he was double lying on that.

            I have to stop the story for today.

          • Avatar Jerome 28/10/2020 @ 2:22 pm

            Trump was shocked to know he won 2016 election. He knew one man’s idea helped him win the election. That was why Trump just listen to him and got brain washed by his extreme and crazy thoughts. Despite most of people’s objection, trump withdrawed from Paris Accord, and this man was thrilled, which evey psychologyist can tell what his roll was. He is Steve Bannon. He left white house 2 months after he took his job without any obvious cause to go.
            Then What was in trump’s mind. The best explanation is Trump wanted to act as a super President ,a genius, a total boss of USA. He did not want America people to know that Bannon was coaching behind him on the critical ideas of governing. Trump do not want Bannin around, but he did need his crazy idea just like how he won the election. He did not want people to know the secret between him and Bannon. Steve bannon never really left white house. That was why many times, Trump changed his mind abruptly on the consensue with other leader, because Bannon can not reach him in those leader’s meeting. However, this man’s mindset is evil, unhuman. He always lie and mislead people just like Trump.

            The central ideas of trump presidency are 1. To contain China 2. Climate change 3. Build border wall cut 5. Replace Obama care 6. Withdrawal of troop from middle East 7. Tear up Iranian nuclear deal. To cotain China was his number one agenda which it came from the hatred he generated when he dealt with his Chinese classmates in Havard busines school in 1983.

            He inflicted those hatred to Trump. Eventually Trump found a excellent candidate, pompal, to excute his China policy, by sabataging China as much as he could. Pompal was even more crazy than Trump and Bannon, but it will have serious consequence for all America to take for decades to come. Why? Their action will push China to soviet allience and Trump will make China greater and stronger in every aspects.

            I truely believed china 4 years ago, almost entire country admired USA and wanted to cooperate and live under us leadership for unlimit time in the future.

            Bannon Chinese classmates did make him think differently onto Chinese peoples, but that is not a excuse to form a vey evil ideology toward china, afterall it was a smll numer on a very special era, compare to one billion people in china, say 20 to 30 Chinese students. Misunderstanding came from one major reason. Frist, China at that time the everage personal income was like less than 800 dollars a year, no one can afford to come to us to study. Those who were able to come were all supported by the government. That’s why they were patriotic and work together, besides they were outstanding, also those female students are both intellegent and ptetty,and Bannon was at his 30th disvorced., which young man’s compettaion was there. ( These were described in Chinese website) Those students have a comon obstacle, their verbal english were poor, which made them work even closer like a team. Despite their poor english, they did great job on presentation and exam. Those made Bannon even anger and create lots of jealousy and resentful behavior and always mocking Chinese people and passed on to trump 40 years later.

            Those students recalled other white students understood their situation on language and culture problem which they have lots of great international interaction in 2 year’ period. Bannon told Trump all Chinese students were spying for China. My goodness, now its year 2020, every year they are more than 350 thoundsands Chinese students resided in USA. Every year each students have to spend on average 45 thousands us dollars to pay their tuition, living expense, trval expense., please remember chinese students do not have student loan and resident discount. Every students left their home with tears just like your kids in USA leaving for other parts of the world, how could they want to spy for the government. Bannon and Trump exggerate it a thousand times.

            In now days, Chinese students only 12 to15 percent can stay in USA if they can find a job. They are ellites among the best of China. They became the assets of USA competing with White America, but all they are America. Imagine they will have a family in US, up to 30 percents their spous will not be Chinese. No new family, their home and their social security are all in USA, do you think they will will risk his family his career to spy for Chinese government?

            Bannon and USA accused china’s stealing Usa intelectual property, but I want to tell you usa steal 10 more chinese intelligence. Why did this happened in these 2 countries. It is because USA and let me give you an example, china has been interacted too much. There are almost 50 thoudands gaint Us company in China. Almost evevry gaint has a R & D team in china, which they employed from 10 to 1000 high technology employees with salary so low like less than 15 petcent in USA. Why salary this low? because living cost in china is so low.
            Usa has been benefited for almost 30years together with high tech man power and and many many times more peoples on cheap labor so that usa can win over e
            Europe or Japen with their competitive product. China now can produce goods same or better quality but with much chraper price. In year 2000, Microsoft had 80,000 employees in China helped to develop widows 2000 some core and egco systems. I believe both had benefited from this great project.

            One more example is Technology transfer . It has never been successfully executed even once(i got these info from chinese webdsite), that was just a gimmick in ruling for Chinese government to show off their effort to protect China industry. Suppose you want to find a partner to produce another local parts, but they are many of them in line want to work with you. If you are the boss you certainly will kick out those who was interested in that ruling. Any partner who wants it during partetship will run the risk of losing partnership, because everything is controled in your hands. It did not happened, however if it did happen, all software or hardware secrets is in your hands, it so so easy for you to control what do you want to unveil. USA trade representative exaggerated this ruling so much to the world, anyway Chinese goverment took it out eventually.

            China have a big trade surplus over usa? Wrong, in fact, counting major figures, its usa that impose trade surplus over China, or China got trade deficit from USA. Believe it or not, please patiently read my words.

            China and us trade is a complicate relation. For example, you have goods sold to China market or export to the world you certainly buy lots of material from china and pay labour expense, in general sense that is imported from China. So, they is no way to get those numbers. However, You can get it from a tricky way. We can get profit rate of  average us compnies.

            Us china official deficit is 340 us billion with 570 export to USA from China and 230 export to China from USA annually.

            However, all china goods sold to China, one third of them,170 billion, are from us company in China. We have to very carefully evaluate this 170 billion to translate to actual trade amount. we can not direct deduct this value from trade amount since it’s contains us import from China for these goods, ie the material bought in China also the label cost from China. If we use common sense the average profit for America goods from china is 40 percent. Now it’s so easy to find the direct cost is 60 percent this is the amount import from china. at this point do you want to reward any economic prize to me?  So the net trade amount should reduce 170 billion but increase by  170 * 60 percent = 102 billion , the net Reduce is 68 billion.  now the new deficit is 370 minus 68 = 302. From China censue , us sells goods directly to China market is close to 310 billion, if we take profit rate as 33 percent which means we can credit to China the deficit for around 100 billions, which reduce the deficit to 200 billion. Now we export goods to the world directly from china with 450 billion dollars of goods and 33 percent of profit rate than China bear 135 billion goods trade deficit for USA. We then further credit this amount from 200 billion is 65 billion.. Now China has 350,000 students expenditure  plus China tours income to us are totally around 45 + 35 = 80 billions which further reduce deficit to minus 15 billion. Which means China got a trade deficit from US around 15 billion us dollars.

          • Avatar Jerome 28/10/2020 @ 2:50 pm

            Typing error:

            I want to tell you usa steal 10 more chinese intelligence. Why did this happened in these 2 countries. It is because USA and let me give you an example, china has been interacted too much.

            It should be:

            I want to tell you usa steal 10 more chinese intelligence. Why did this happened in these 2 countries ? It is because USA and China has been interacted too much. let me give you an example,

    • Avatar Clint 22/10/2020 @ 12:41 pm

      Dont worry you and your fellow american chinese will be put in tin cans and send off back to your motherland soon

      • Avatar Jerome 22/10/2020 @ 4:14 pm

        No body in USA say American Chinese, we say Chinese America. That means you are not an America, so you have no right to send us to anywhere.

        You posted lots comments in this forum , but you seldom give your thoughts but just curse or intimidating other people. What the hell you are doing!

        • Avatar Dave 25/10/2020 @ 11:31 am

          Your comment rings true. I graduated from a top ten university in the US and am responsible for my company’s core engineering product. My white supremacist advisors always make racist jokes towards me, pass me up for promotion, and try to alienate me and make feel second class even though it is my technical expertise that carries the company alone. I’m going to head off to China soon, and I hope many Chinese and Asian-Americans do too.

          The white supremacist and entitlement in the US is just too tiresome. Hate dealing with these kind of uppity people that have zero substance at all, and make money off the back of my work.

          • Avatar Jerome 28/10/2020 @ 2:29 pm

            Never give up. Biden will win the election, after that Your boss will change his altitude. The Majority of boss cares about your talent and your character. The darkest moments of USA will soon be over. Remember USA is your home since you are here.

    • Avatar Darkpeguin 197 23/10/2020 @ 12:59 am

      No no the Japanese companies sold it products through Huawei gears and equipment in others hands Japan see high values on Chinese market it is a power behind the Chinese electronic industries nearly all products from China contain Japanese stuff Japan will never ban Huawei they fainted in order to please Washington

    • Avatar Mike Griffin 23/10/2020 @ 11:53 am

      Terrific article you have written. I’m Australian and I’m typing this on a Huawei P40 Pro so I think it is a massive mistake for the US or Trump to treat China as he has. China however is resourceful and determined and I’m certain their tech industry will eventually prevail.

    • Avatar happiman 24/10/2020 @ 6:45 am

      Your Chinese DNA blinded you what is right and wrong. It is not about Trump and China. It’s not about US politics vs Chinese.
      It’s all about evil Chinse community party and its brainwashed followers vs rest of the world. I see you chose to the dark side of evil CCP. That’s your choice. Good luck.

      • Avatar Jerome 24/10/2020 @ 7:38 am

        In my article I never mentioned anything like I support CCP. The strongest tone I had was, under Trump and Pompal sabotage on Chinese America, I turned to have sympathy over China. Also it seems you are brain washed by this government, but I will not blame you since their propoganda was very intensive.

      • Avatar Hiram 24/10/2020 @ 1:49 pm

        I am highly respectful of the Chinese
        People and have a few close Chinese friends. But I worry about the Chinese Communist party, their handling of Honkong and not notifying us in time about the pandemic. It looks to me that Trump made a very courageous call on Jan 31

  3. Avatar Gabriel Bernier 22/10/2020 @ 12:36 am

    Tks, you can say more, hope Trump could read that

  4. Avatar Gabriel Bernier 22/10/2020 @ 1:49 am

    Should read:You can’t say….

  5. Avatar Kim Smith 22/10/2020 @ 8:34 am

    With this sort of intimidating behaviour, and the Trump Administration is not labelled bullies ??

  6. Avatar Asad 22/10/2020 @ 3:19 pm

    I am an ex employee of Nokia. 5G war is not about 5G alone, it’s about IPV9 protocols which are invention of Chinese and US don’t want the world to adopt the new protocols and keep using IPV6 which is under propriety and intellectuals rights of US. That ensures continuous payments from all countries to US for using IPV6…

  7. Avatar novianto 22/10/2020 @ 3:25 pm

    US done this to toshiba in 80, year 2000 to alstom france, zte, and 2018 to huaweii but this time CCP back huaweii. India should beware, just imagine what US will do in prospect becoming #3. Reliance will ne targeted.

  8. Avatar Hu Fan 22/10/2020 @ 10:51 pm

    Can we please dispense with the notion that this is Trump’s trade war? Like him or not, he is the first president to forcefully confront the CCP and their policies of industrial espionage, IP theft, failure to live up to their WTO obligations and more.

    Jerome, thank you for your contributions to America. We are a nation of immigrants and benefit from their contributions. But how can you, as an American, say you now support CHINA instead of the USA? Trump with be gone in 4 weeks or 4 years. Xi and the poisonous, corrupt, CCP will likely rule China for much longer than that. Are you choosing the CCP over the USA?

    • Avatar Jerome 23/10/2020 @ 5:09 am

      Let me give you some examples to show you if this is just a trade war.

      Steve Bannon, Trump’s former cabinet member, touted in a interview and I quote it almost 90 percent of his saying ” we should remove all Chinese who was not born in this country in those sensitive jobs in USA”. My question is if Working in John Hopkin hospital a sensitive job? Almost 25 percent of them are Doctors of Chinese America.

      In 2018 secretary Pompal went to silicon valley to held a secret meeting with few hundreds of boss or CEOs of those gaints. No smart phone or recording devices was allowed in the hall. I only can imagine no Chinese looks alike were allowed to join too. It was very apparent what they were talking about? Chinese America threat in this country? Pompal did not know he was just a puppy too, brain washed by Steve Bannon. Google formal president was echoing this very vigorously and attacking China very frequently. Since then, my Google friend told me, hundreds may be up to a thousand of Chinese America left Google globally, and Indians now almost become the biggest ethnic group in Google. In my opinion, Google is following Bell lab footsteps.

      Do you call this a trade war? Anyway, thank you for your comment.

      • Avatar happiman 24/10/2020 @ 6:47 am

        Which side are you on CCP or US?

        • Avatar Jerome 24/10/2020 @ 10:12 am

          Your question is misleading. My article never mentioned anything about CCP. I only can tell you, before trump, not so many people is more patriotic than me to love this great nation.

          I had been driven alongside of Cascade mountains from Bellingham Washington near Canada border to San Diego CA. It was in spring season and weather in mid CA was hot already, but cascade mountain head is always white covered with snow. In Yasomin, you can drive up to the mountain, you can touch snow and see those beautiful scenes without feeling cold.

          If  you around 70 miles to the north of San Francisco, you will see endless tenth of thousands of gaint red wood tree. The ground are so soft like a thick carpet because those  leaves has been piled up for thousands of years. If  your kid see them, his eyes and minds will open wider, he will be more humble to deal with their future life.

          In mid CA, you can find very old Latin style castle and Catholic church, no wonder this place has been home of Mexican immigrants. If you are near Bay area you can drive close to the shoreline, you will find miles and miles of deep and spectacular cliff with  tides roar constantly.

          When you stop by Berkeley university, you can see the night life in town are so vivid, on the contrary, the Stanford is quieter.

          When you in southern CA drive in mountain route on the way to death valley, you will find bald rocky mountain all over the place, usually you are the only car on the desert highway. After death valley you are entering Nevada heading for Las Vegas.

          I finally know there are only 3 path that you can pass across cascade mountains, one is through Seattle to Idaho, the other is through Yasomin mountain. The last is through southern CA San Bernardino to Las Vegas.

          If I still have chance, I will tell you the route from Abney new York state to Keywest Florida.

          The reason I wrote those fun experience is to answer your question. How can you not loving this county but enjoy its soil this much.

  9. Avatar Vincent 23/10/2020 @ 7:41 am

    Jerome, please continue to write. I enjoy your comments every bit. Please take care. All Chinese Americans must return to Motherland just like Professor Qian XiaSheng.

    • Avatar Jerome 23/10/2020 @ 5:06 pm

      I will continue to write if you encourage me to do so. Today, I put a new story under Aleksandar Cabarkapa.

      • Avatar Dave 25/10/2020 @ 11:37 am

        The United States has always been a white supremacist country. Affirmative action, anti-Asian racism and emasculation from liberal Hollywood, ridicule of Asians in media, bamboo ceiling are all examples of the white supremacist mentality rooted in this country. Democrats are just virtue signalers who try to keep the lid from blowing off. The geopolitics of the united states has always once been a white supremacist one. You’ll see these colonial nation states virtue signal with their european partners about human rights while bombing and intervening in all global south countries. It’s high time that all the Chinese engineers returned to their homelands where they’ll be treated with respect, and meritocratic outcomes are implemented instead of a strong leaning of bro culture. BRO DID YOU WATCH THE NFL MATCH YESTERDAY??? This country is filled with a bunch of lawyer and finance cons and frauds – nothing more.

  10. Avatar Thiruchelvam 23/10/2020 @ 9:21 am

    Should send Trump to india to study the vedanta and understad consciousness and his place in the cosmos. Then America can become great again. With tlhe help of Indian yogimasters and brilliant Indian engineers and scientists. Ooops I forgot Trump is an imbecile. No hope for him on earth leave alone the cosmos.

  11. Avatar William liew 24/10/2020 @ 4:46 am

    I support your comments and views.
    US has become a racist and anti China country. She is practising hegemony.
    Trump and his aides are clowns. They are not imposing trade war with China. They are trying to contain China in technology, economy, influence, etc
    They are just anti China. No respect for such malicious and mean behaviour. Unbecoming of a superpower.

    • Avatar mmao 28/10/2020 @ 12:50 am

      sorry that trump hurt you real bad. may be xi jinping could help you find a better job in taiwan.

  12. Avatar mick 25/10/2020 @ 7:42 pm

    Comrade “jerome” – what you wrote is full of lies and deception typical of china communist party propaganda. you made it obvious you are a paid mouth piece of ccp. looks like you will soon need to go back for a refresher course at beijing institute of propaganda to keep your job.

    • Avatar Jerome 28/10/2020 @ 4:10 pm

      You have every right to raise your objection or doubt against me. You have no right to accuse me getting money from any organization. I am a very senior USA citizen already. You sounds like a kid, when I arrived this country you probably have not got born yet. I belive I was more patriotic than you and stood on the bright bright side of USA. The purpose of my writting those stories was trying to reconcile USA and CHINA to stop fighting.

      • Avatar mick 30/10/2020 @ 12:44 am

        Comrade “jerome” – your “trying to reconcile…” stories are full of china communist propaganda lies and deceit which clearly shows everyone who you are. your trip back for re-education at beijing school of propaganda lies is mandatory if you don’t want to loose your job and food ration.

        • Avatar Jerome 30/10/2020 @ 3:29 am

          Needness to waste time to argue with you on your ignorant and baseless accusation. To your disappointment, i am 100% a civilian telling my thought out of my consicence and frustration over past few years.

          • Avatar mick 01/11/2020 @ 3:02 am

            Comrade “jerome” – you were exposed. good luck with re-education at your old beijing school of lies and deceit.

          • Avatar Jerome 02/11/2020 @ 6:40 am

            If you shake your dick more than three times after you pee, than you are playing with it. That means if you gave me same accusations repeatedly without new finding or evidence, you are harrassing me.

  13. Avatar Jerome 30/10/2020 @ 8:07 am

    But good news is that i can tell you did go through my articles, especially the second lengthy one. If you re-read it a few years later, you probably will have different thoughts.

  14. Avatar Jerome 30/10/2020 @ 8:09 am

    The above is to respond to mick.

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