Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom are forming a joint venture designed to develop new market opportunities from 5G technology.

The venture will be headquartered in Germany because it’s initial focus will be one developing in-building 5G solutions. Eventually the plan is to look at things like AR/VR, MEC and new apps. This looks like a DT-driven thing, with SK Telecom brought in because they’re better at 5G. In return SK Telecom gets a piece of the European market.

“Together with SKT we are able to develop new and innovative products which enhance customer experience,” said Tim Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom. “The first feedback from repeater customer trial has shown the value of our partnership – for us, but more importantly, for our customers. We will start with the repeater, but this joint venture is aiming at a much higher goal. That goal is to create major innovations for both companies fin the years to come.”

“The Partnership between SKT and Deutsche Telekom is very meaningful at a time when the world is heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Park Jung-ho, CEO of SK Telecom. “The deepened bond between the two companies will play an important role as a bridge between Asia and Europe and lead us to new technologies that can bring greater value to humanity.”

Framing R&D as some kind of philanthropic gesture has sadly become commonplace among tech marketers. Having said that, it is good news for European consumers that a bit of South Korean 5G inspiration is coming to our laggardly continent. The repeater trial is a small first step, but it apparently made things a bit better, so that’s something.

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