Huawei selected to build Cambridge Wireless private 5G testbed

5G technology

Telecoms research community Cambridge Wireless has refused to bow to UK political consensus by partnering with Huawei for its latest 5G venture.

They will build a private 5G network at the Cambridge Science Park, which is owned by Cambridge University. The purpose of it is to provide a test environment for the CW community to muck about with things like autonomous vehicles, clean energy and remote surgery, as augmented by 5G technology.

“We are constantly working to provide value to CW members,” said Simon Mead, CEO of CW. “As home to one of the world’s most advanced R&D ecosystems, Cambridge is perfectly positioned for the rollout of next-generation wireless technology and we’re delighted to be driving this initiative with our partners.

“We hope to bring something unique to the Science Park to accelerate use cases and development of this technology. We invite ambitious businesses to get involved and through this exciting 3-year partnership with Huawei, we will support their 5G innovation journey.”

“The Cambridge eco-system is recognised as a global leader in technology and we are excited to work with the talent and vision in this eco-system,” said Huawei Vice-President Victor Zhang. “We hope to enable Cambridge Wireless members to reach new heights by allowing them access to our state-of-the-art equipment and markets including China and beyond. Our commitment to the UK and industry remains as strong as ever and we will continue to offer our expertise and technology to our partners to promote connections and innovation.”

As the last part of Zhang’s comment confirms, there is a political element to this move. It enables Huawei to make statements like the above and to make it clear that it doesn’t require the government’s position to retain some role in the UK 5G market. Additionally the Cambridge Wireless community seems to be signalling that it doesn’t share the UK government’s Huawei concerns about security and claimed ties to the Chinese state.

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  1. Avatar xyz 11/11/2020 @ 5:09 pm

    how mean they are.. the forcing 5g through all just to complete plandemie and other sick pland for mankind.. forbiden that on all cost we dont need autocracy like in china, xhina peiple are doomed to slavery and abusive and unreal human rights mesurments… no to 5g and ni to china

    • Avatar Touris971 12/11/2020 @ 5:18 am

      U got to be stupid with that non sense u tlking

    • Avatar Realhumankind?? 12/11/2020 @ 11:46 am

      U assume you are the best human kind being by totally reject the chinese system… funny thinking…seem still not knowing urself.

    • Avatar Ale 12/11/2020 @ 12:58 pm

      So stupid comment
      You are a caveman? You see slaves going overseas for tours
      Grow up your immature and myopic eyes

    • Avatar Bertus Ehmke 12/11/2020 @ 1:57 pm

      xyz, I think you need a basic course in radio communications which will remedy your conspiracy theories. 5G as deployed in most network at the moment use existing frequency bands more efficiently through wider channel bandwidth and more elegant modulation schemes tom achieve higher throughput….

    • Avatar Manuel Ortega 12/11/2020 @ 3:52 pm

      May I offer you comments fron Canada. First, you appear to be an idiot. Second, Trump will soon be gone. His foolish, rather racist, conspiracy theory re Huawei will hopefully go with him. We need China’s technological expertise and their market. Some just don’t like Chinese capitalism and the competition from China.

      • Avatar Victoria 12/11/2020 @ 10:14 pm

        Soon there will not be any Canadians, all I ever see with Canadian pic plates is Chinese.

      • Avatar David 12/11/2020 @ 10:43 pm

        You are not a true Canadian. You want to let China control the world. You have lost your mind to allow China to have full control. You will be making all the world suffer. China stole all their technology from other countries. YOU WILL SUFFER IN THE END, WITH REST OF THE HUMAN RACE.

      • Avatar David Fletcher 12/11/2020 @ 11:39 pm

        Any person or Business that rein good terms with China are making this world a war zone. China wants control.

        • Avatar JC 13/11/2020 @ 12:28 am

          David pls go study Chinese history before writing short sighted comments like yours. China has internal war but never did in ad other terroritories. If UK don’t embark on furire technology n research then the future of UK is doomed. Just a Brexit is taking forever. Doesn’t bode well

        • Avatar Vinny 13/11/2020 @ 1:40 am

          Please don’t compare the union jack with Chinese flag. China went to Africa to trade, unlike UK, sell them as slaves.

      • Avatar Dmtf 13/11/2020 @ 6:36 pm

        You are absolutely right. What a stupid political decision UK government made here by removing Huawei from 5g construction in the future, only made our wireless riskier and multiple more expensive and couple of years behind of what we should be. What a shame! We normal British residents are deprived of better and cheaper services and products by our government.

    • Avatar Dc 12/11/2020 @ 4:03 pm

      I’m sorry but all the things you said are a bunch of rubbish sure, China has many problems with human rights but 5g doesn’t cause any sort of illness, COVID-19 can’t be spread by it, if everyone wore a mask and stuck to social distancing, the situation would be much better. Judging by how you speak, you come from either the UK or USA, if so why don’t you solve your own problems before you point your finger at China and criticize them, COVID-19 may have started there but it has since been controlled whereas in both the UK and US it had been spiralling out of control. China needs to solve problems but you need to sort out: your attitude to future technologies, your political views so they don’t affect your view of tech just based on their origin and lastly your spelling and grammar, my English is miles better than you and I’m: a) a young adult and b) not English.

      • Avatar Jackson 12/11/2020 @ 8:36 pm

        Well said. The sad part is that these conspiracy theorists are also vandalising and burning down 5g towers in the UK. You really cannot make this up and strange to realise that’s our reality today.

    • Avatar Jackson 12/11/2020 @ 8:33 pm

      You need much better education if you actually legitimately believe in a stupid conspiracy theory that 5g caused the pandemic. There’s not any shred of logic behind that and definitely no scientific proof for it.

    • Avatar Alan Goh 14/02/2021 @ 2:39 pm

      Wow!, so many of you are still demonising China just because they got ahead of you conspiracy theorist. You idiots cannot stop innovations that what makes us came down from trees.

  2. Avatar MICHAEL ONEAL 11/11/2020 @ 6:03 pm

    An institute of intelligence showing the way for making the world a better place for humanity by uniting instead of competing.
    Creating a better world for humanity has nothing to do with winning. There is too much impetus for cheating, lying and stealing for those who want to win instead of actually making the world better.

    • Avatar Mike shaffeur 12/11/2020 @ 6:48 am

      Very true and it starts with people within Cambs own IT grp, like Paul Caleja, Sean Mcguire, Dell and Intel.

    • Avatar grammargrub 13/11/2020 @ 9:28 am

      Cambridge has a record for producing traitors.

  3. Avatar Victor 11/11/2020 @ 6:09 pm

    A real person wrote that comment folks. We’ve reached the point where we can make these conclusions because AI bots would actually make more sense than them.

  4. Avatar Gali 11/11/2020 @ 7:05 pm

    Why continiously focus on fighting ? Where 2 fight 2 loose. Where 2 cooperate both win. (However one wins more then the other obviously depending how smart each party is)

  5. Avatar Liam 11/11/2020 @ 7:21 pm

    Innovation, progress and ultimately the benefit to the general public comes from competition, collaboration and sharing ideas not through schoolboy bulley tactics like banning the competition, spreading lies and threatening anyone who deals with your competitors.
    Good luck to Huawei and good luck to all companies that they compete with, let them all trade and we will choose whose products are best for us.

  6. Avatar Kaufman 11/11/2020 @ 11:35 pm

    Cambridge is smart, they will face no competition once their infrastructure is operational.

  7. Avatar Raymond koo 12/11/2020 @ 12:43 am

    Bravo for Cambridge university

  8. Avatar Duoge 12/11/2020 @ 3:26 am

    Huawei is the best fit for them if they want to be the best. They can’t find better technology than Huawei’s.

  9. Avatar StaySafe 12/11/2020 @ 10:09 am

    Sure, collaborate with a criminal organisation for the future of man kind! Private companies are not a thing in China, they don’t play fair and they aren’t transparent. Covid didn’t come from China because they will never let us investigate. Huawei is not using slave labor or stealing technology or taking money from the CCP either are they. Let’s work with them to make more money and make the world more like China! Who cares about human rights and that overrated stuff anyway

  10. Avatar Buddy Lau 12/11/2020 @ 10:39 am

    Two heads are better than one with no plan to hurt anyone.
    It is not for atomic or biological warefare, no mean of weapon for mass destruction
    Technologist and scientist tell politician to be involve. Work together, and help to educate others to value lives.

  11. Avatar Hong Tan 12/11/2020 @ 11:18 am

    I am so so proud of Cambridge University .Well done.Great decision

  12. Avatar Robert Smith 12/11/2020 @ 11:39 am

    I have invested in Huawei phone and tablet both offer superb quality and value. Trump’s war against China tech is going to cost Google software sales as well as UK tax payers and other countries with 5g ambitions billions. Well done C.U. for your decision

  13. Avatar Robbz 12/11/2020 @ 11:53 am

    Yes we need proper tech nology but encrypted 5G to stop the Five Eyes, GCHQ and any government organization here aswell as around the country stealing our data and harvesting it for god knows what use, like stopping our social media rights, communicating without spies listening on our conversation these things, I think Cambridge tech Uni should create our own server centers so we know how our data is handled or depending what way they’d like to have us and them having private 5G – open source

  14. Avatar MikeG 12/11/2020 @ 12:20 pm

    People are still spreading rumors without evidence, they are brain washed by some politicians like Pompeo, they choose to forget Snowden and insist to believe Huawei will do what the US had done to the whole world disclosed by Snowden. How funny and irrational!

    • Avatar Brian Joseph Kerr 12/11/2020 @ 12:34 pm

      Yes your so right.
      The only country to spy on us all are the US .
      They are liers. US don’t want any country ahead of them in technology

  15. Avatar Alfred Lee 12/11/2020 @ 3:24 pm

    Cambridge … sympathetic towards the communists for their ideals for humanity … not the first time …

    • Avatar Dc 12/11/2020 @ 4:07 pm

      Please don’t see all of China as communist and inhuman, that’s just the 1% of the billion of people that live there, the rest are as disgusting as you or just brainwashed by the government. I am speaking as a BBC (British Born Chinese) seeing how my family has been brainwashed by the Chinese Communist party is heartbreaking so please don’t view China as a monster. They provide most of your tech products and possibly even the phone you comment from.

  16. Avatar John 12/11/2020 @ 4:42 pm

    One of canada’s great companies 2 decades ago ( nortel ) was raped and stolen by the ccp’s rogue company huawei. I along with my brother were share holders in nortel. we lost our money only after huawei used it’s corrupt practices to steel this company. Within 3 years after this happened huawei became a leader in the world tellecom field.

    • Avatar TelcomExpert 12/11/2020 @ 9:16 pm

      No, Huawei didn’t have anything to do with the demise of Nortel. Stop repeating lies that have been debunked. Nortel failed due to bad management. Nortel *was* hacked by the Chinese Intelligence Services. That has been proven. But the hacks were logged AFTER Nortel started their business decline. Huaweii *was* hacked by NSA. So the only common thread is that SECINT National spy agencies target communication infrastructures. Gee, go figure. Takes a real genius to get that. Huawei has not been proven to be part of the CCP government of China. The US has used every dirty trick it has and exploits soft power to try and control economic and technological aspects of the globe. Canada simply doesn’t support it’s big businesses that go global. Blackberry is another perfect example of a long history of failed Canadian companies that cannot globally compete.

    • Avatar kyle 12/11/2020 @ 9:49 pm

      Yeah alot of people forget the nortel corporate espionage done by the Chinese. They don’t innovate themselves. They steal the information or try and reverse engineer instead of actually creating. It would be interesting if all these Cambridge innovations are stolen and mass produced in China. They would be the only ones to blame.

  17. Avatar Free Thinker 12/11/2020 @ 5:58 pm

    Why would a university in a free country would want to collaborate with a company who takes orders from an authoritarian government? A government which doesn’t allow free speech, free press and has no respect for human rights?

    I can only presume that the number of Chinese students at the university are pretty high and the pressure from China is equally high?

    How can students educate themselves when they are not free to speak their mind, create, and innovate as individuals? If they do they will break the law and they could end up in prison. Even educators have to change the way they teach and accept anonymous test papers to protect them; in case they anger the mighty government of China?

    China doesn’t create anything new, just ‘immigrate’ technology from left and right in any means possibly for their own benefit which is nothing else than quick money, power and control.

    Common people are forced to mind their own business only, head down, follow orders and not showed to priest or complain, at least in public. The result?

    Selfishness and luck of empathy is the king in China, which is really sad.

    I can’t even imagine what is the future of our societies and even for our planet the more greedy and power hungry the CCP is getting.

  18. Avatar Chris 12/11/2020 @ 9:47 pm

    Trump vs Cambridge.

  19. Avatar Tommy Tipper 13/11/2020 @ 12:50 am

    Trump needs to crawl under a rock. His beautiful wife divorce him. The UK needs to grow a back bone and stop holding America’s shirt tail.
    I’m still waiting to see proof of what Huawei as done . Because at the moment. It’s all trump said and no facts. When trump can’t get his own way he throws his toys out the pram. Just like the election. Soon as he knew he was gonna get beaten he accused them of fraud and snubbed his wife. How did he win in the first place because they say there was foul play there.

    Make our networks great. With tried and tested equipment. Use Huawei

  20. Avatar Chris 13/11/2020 @ 1:26 am

    The Cambridge Five spy ring…now Huawei.
    Go figure.

  21. Avatar Lloyd Taylor 13/11/2020 @ 6:43 am

    It augurs well for trade and progress for humankind that Cambridge University should lend its intellectual prestige for enquiry and innovation to Huawei’s own leadership in 5G to meet the challenges for development and lift us out of the fig leaf of American national security pretexts that only reveals the extent US business has become too uncompetitive to play on an even trading field.

  22. Avatar Seb 13/11/2020 @ 7:42 am

    Sic transit gloria mundi!

  23. Avatar Cletus the clown 13/11/2020 @ 8:05 am

    Ni to China. Yes. Also Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing!

  24. Avatar Regular Joe 13/11/2020 @ 10:39 am

    Why does technology have to be so politic?.. All I hope for is one day after finishing work – go the pub, have 3 pints, get in my car, press the ‘home’ button… And the car using 5G tech take me home safely. Let just move forward TOGETHER. Win win sit!

  25. Avatar Beautiful 13/11/2020 @ 1:03 pm

    Wow that is really wonderful news. It’s time to embrace that we need to take a seat and finally learn from other countries be it East or West.
    Sharing of information and using that to do greater good is where our children are heading…we parents messed up and we are just afraid of leaving our comfort zone…Unite for purpose and diminish hate that locks potential!.

  26. Avatar Jas Royal 13/11/2020 @ 2:46 pm

    Funny how the two countries that where at the top of the slavery trade – getting and transporting slaves and the others inhumane treatment of slave’s now have a ‘holier than thou’ attitude. One sees the solution to technology innovation is ‘if you can’t compete, hinder them by any means possible’ the other says, ‘how high do you want me to jump’ while holding the others shirt tails.

  27. Avatar Happiman 14/11/2020 @ 7:12 pm

    I respect the decision that they made. However, soon or later, they will find out that Chinese company will implement backdoors on any devices that they set up. Chinese company and people will betray and sabotage. That what communist party is good at.

    Look around the world. It has become China vs Nations. Chinese culture is naturally corrupt
    Report on China
    Corruption Perceptions Index
    2019 Rank 2019 Score
    80/180 41/100

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