Chinese telecoms kit vendors gained global market share this year

You might think, with all the drama surrounding Huawei this year, that it would have lot market share. But, according to market tracker Dell’Oro, the opposite is true.

As you can see from the table below, Huawei and ZTE are both on course to gain two percentage points of market share each this year, at the expense of Nokia, Cisco and Samsung. With investments in China outpacing the overall market, we estimate Huawei and ZTE collectively gained about 3 percentage points of revenue share,” wrote Dell’Oro Analyst Stefan Pongratz in his blog on the matter, implying they actually grabbed around 1.5 percentage points each.

Pongratz also noted that telecoms continues to out-pace the broader economy. “The overall telecom equipment market continued to appear disconnected from the underlying economy,” he wrote. “While the on-going transition from 4G to 5G is helping to offset reduced capex in slower-to-adopt mobile broadband markets, we also attribute the disconnect to the growing importance of connectivity and the nature of this recession being different than in other downturns improving the visibility for the operators.”

All this serves as a reminder of the sheer size and importance of the Chinese telecoms market. Judging from a report by China Daily, there’s little sign of that changing next year. It spoke to Wu Hequan, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who reckons China will build over a million 5G base stations next year, taking the grand total to 1.7 million by the end of the year.

“As the construction of 5G networks accelerates, the cost of building each 5G base station will go down,” said Wu. “Even if Chinese telecom carriers earmark the same amount of 5G investments in 2022 as they have done this year, they can build far more 5G base stations next year than this year. I believe Chinese telecom carriers will build more than one million 5G base stations next year, though the specific construction targets will have to wait for the telecom carriers’ official announcements.”

Even allowing for the fact that Wu and China Daily both know better than to deviate from the approved CCP narrative, this seems like a plausible projection. If anything, the aggro with the US will have made the Chinese state all the more determined to ensure its domestic telecoms industry goes from strength to strength and we wouldn’t be surprised to be writing a similar report in a year’s time.


  1. Avatar B 04/12/2020 @ 7:25 am

    German authorities did not exclude Huawei from its market. It is a very important decision for the entire EU. China is planning to build ten million 5G base stations. They have built less than a million in about 14 months. Apart from Huawei and ZTE, Swedish Ericsson has 11.25% of the market in China.
    Any updates on Open-RAN?

    • Avatar Rawreng 04/12/2020 @ 1:31 pm

      America spied on Germany and Merkel. A very good USA ally? USA has the biggest spy network in the world. You don’t need 5G to spy… Just ask Assange or Snowden.. Or Cisco equipment. It’s just an excuse to boycott Huawei technology and advanced products. USA and UK don’t have 5G know how, that’s why they banned Huawei.
      Germany is smarter than other EU nuts. Mercedes, BMW, VW (no. 1 seller) etc plus many more industrial manufacturers are in China joint venture. You help me, I help you. Way to go, Germany.

  2. Avatar Jerome 04/12/2020 @ 7:30 am

    I bieve the author has a typing error, billion should be million. I want to give you a wake-up call by showing you an example of how pricing (with same quality) and competition are so important to the commonwealth of human beings.

    I am a frequent flyer to the whole world even in Pandemic era. The most expensive routes in the world are flights from USA to Europe and from USA to Central America. Why? Because there are no Chinese airliners’ competition. I can not see any fly safety and service inferiority compare to western airliners. On the contrary, their services are awesome, a much tender response, delicious dishes..etc. Usually flying from China to USA could be as low as 400 dollars and same to similar Asia routes price with Chinese airliners. To be competitive, Western airliners have to drop the price around to 600 to 700 to survive, but they are doing not bad. I knew this phenomenon well because I had both experience on China airliners and United airline to Asia. Please note that flying from Miami to Carribbean, for example, in average, cost you more than 1000 us dollar in just 2 hours flight and from Asia to Los Angeles usually takes 14 hours flight route.

    Now Trump make it so difficult for Chinese people to go to USA by lots Pendemic excuse( China has almost 15 cases per day in 1.4 billion population. To contract Covid in China now is like to win a lottery). At first, China airliners have to partially turned down, then the price in that route soar around 30 to 40 percent. Now Chinese airliners have to to stop flying completely recently and the price in Asia route soars in almost 2 folds, and all routes in other parts of the world somewhat soars too, but smaller. Now the average price to Asia from USA is almost 1200 us dollars.

    Everybody know that west airliners will not care the basic right of ordinary people to fly. If airliners find a chance, they will make you to pay more and much more, they are money suckers. Why UN or G20 do not have these topics to discuss about, they will never because those poloticians are rich, they have no sense what ordinary people care about.

    This is the perfect example to Hwawei appearance in Europe. With even better technology, quality and service, if Hwawei be knocked out from Europe, you know what will happen. Just give you a simple example, if you pay 70 EU for your mobil broad band and mobil phone call bill monthly, you will end up paying double when 5G is completed because there is no hard working Hwawei to compete to fight for your telecom bills. Please remember, 5G is much more than your mobil bills. There are lots expensive cost like clouds computing, IoT.. etc for government and cooperate. Hwawei do not need to dominate, but just keep him there, he will fight to keep your bill down.

    • Scott Bicheno Scott Bicheno 04/12/2020 @ 9:06 am

      Oops, yes, thanks, corrected.

      • Avatar George 04/12/2020 @ 1:40 pm

        Also, “lot market share” should be lost market share.

        As for OP, just leave it be. China’s already launching 6g satellites, and have been working to developing 6g for the past 3 years. Those who block technological advancement will get left behind. The rise and fall of nations is a natural process. All is well. Let God sort it out.

  3. Avatar Dan 04/12/2020 @ 5:19 pm

    There are a lot of space in world. If a country does well, find out why you are not doing well. Ganging up and suppression are not methods to make yourself stronger. Take their good and learn from their good and that is how you excel and competite.

    • Avatar Jerome 10/12/2020 @ 1:28 am

      Good video, but you know it’s just an election language and it has nothing to do with Hwawei.

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