Ericsson teams up with T-Systems to flog campus network solutions

Swedish kit vendor Ericsson is partnering with the IT services arm of Deutsche Telekom to offer bespoke B2B connectivity services worldwide.

Closed networks designed to provide bespoke connectivity in a defined area – campus networks for short – have been one of the main areas od commercial interest at the start of the 5G era. The increased bandwidth, low-latency and ability to tweak the characteristics of the network through slicing have all made this sort of thing a lot more appealing to businesses and industrials.

This is fairly complicated to pull off, however, and requires expertise in a number of different technical areas, so it’s not surprising to see collaborations such as this emerge to service this market. In this case Ericsson brings its campus network infrastructure and T-Systems adds its edge computing capabilities to the mix.

“By joining T-Systems and Ericsson campus networks abilities, we are offering enterprises the ability to accelerate their path to Industry 4.0 with more advanced use cases,” said Thomas Norén, Head of Dedicated Networks at Ericsson. “With the evolution to 5G, the networks will support applications that require even more bandwidth and lower latency. Ericsson’s portfolio of dedicated networks delivers reliable and secure wireless connectivity.”

“As enterprises look to scale up their digitalization and automation, working together with Ericsson enables us to meet global business needs quickly and securely,” said Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems We can bring this technology to more customers in a way that is seamless, managed end-to-end, and scalable as customer needs evolve. We’re looking forward to seeing continued success in the marketplace thanks to this close collaboration.”

The two companies are already collaborating on this stuff in Germany and this announcement marks them taking the offering worldwide. They will be using their existing sales channels to target industrials especially. It doesn’t seem to be a formal joint venture, however, and there’s no distinct brand for their combined offering that we can see.

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