Nokia gets AT&T’s C-Band deployment work

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The news that US telecoms giant AT&T will use Nokia for a major part of its 5G rollout comes as the Finnish vendor tries to give investors hope.

AT&T recently announced it expected to drop around $2 billion per year on rolling out kit designed to make use of the mid-band 5G spectrum it won in the recent auction. A big chunk of that now seems destined to end up in Fin nish pockets thanks to this announcement, which will be especially welcome for Nokia, coming as it does on the day it attempts to reassure its investors about the future.

“AT&T is committed to bringing the power of 5G to businesses and communities across the nation, and our C-Band deployments with Nokia will help add 5G capacity where it’s needed,” said Igal Elbaz, SVP of Wireless and Access Technology at AT&T. “Nokia has been our trusted collaborator for more than 20 years as we’ve rolled out each generation of wireless technology, and its C-Band portfolio brings the right capabilities to help enable AT&T to deliver an exciting and powerful 5G experience that our subscribers have come to expect from us.”

“Nokia is ready to support the launch of 5G services into this valuable new spectrum on our customers’ timelines by leveraging our powerful portfolio of C-Band solutions and by being the first to demonstrate a live C-Band network in the U.S. in 2020,” said Ed Cholerton, President of Nokia North America. “Our flexible and comprehensive portfolio will enable AT&T to enhance its 5G services in areas across the nation.”

As the quotes indicate, this deal is the continuation of an existing relationship, so not necessarily deserving of unbridled jubilation. But considering the apparent setback Nokia suffered at Verizon it will at least come as a relief that AT&T has maintained its faith in Nokia’s RAN competence.

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