HMD Global launches a bunch more Nokia phones and an MVNO

Nokia X20

Six new Nokia-branded smartphones have been unveiled by manufacturer HMD Global, which target the mid-to-low tiers.

The whole premise of HMD licensing the Nokia brand was the assumption that it still has some residual affection, loyalty and value. The fact that it’s still plugging away implies this is the case, and HMD is sensible to focus its efforts on the cheaper end of the market, to avoid the same fate that eventually befell LG.

So now we have six phones covering three price-tiers, with the number ‘10’ signifying the vanilla version and ‘20’ the higher-specced one. Here’s the full range that was launched today:

  • Nokia X20, 6/128GB [RAM and storage] and 8/128GB configurations, global average RRP €349.
  • Nokia X10, 6/64GB, 6/128 GB and 4/128GB configurations, global average RRP €309.
  • Nokia G20, 4/64GB and 4/128GB configurations, global average RRP €159.
  • Nokia G10, 3/32GB and 4/64GB configurations, global average RRP €139.
  • Nokia C20, 1/16GB, 2/32GB configurations, global average RRP €89.
  • Nokia C10, 1/16GB, 1/32GB and 2/16GB configurations, global Average RRP €75.

“Today is more momentous than a regular product launch,” said CEO Florian Seiche. “The past 12 months have no doubt been challenging, yet they also gave us a moment to pause, think and prepare for the next big step in our start-up journey. As a Finnish company, our approach to technology and business is human-first and that is reflected in this new smartphone range. We want people love their phones.

“The launch of HMD Mobile – a milestone in our journey to a holistic provider of all things mobile – amplifies this, and it is only the beginning. We want you to trust that we put security at the heart of everything we do – Nokia smartphones come with security and software updates for extra piece of mind. And we want people to keep their phones for longer, thanks to our signature durability.”

HMD Mobile is a new MVNO offering built on the back of its HMD Connect global roaming solution. “HMD Mobile is built on the foundation of trust, simplicity and flexibility where you only pay for the features you will use every day with no fixed-term subscriptions or premiums,” said Janne Lehtosalo, VP of Services. “This momentous launch presents our ambition to become the ultimate one-stop-shop for all your mobile needs.”

It’s good to see the Nokia brand persisting in the mobile space long after the company itself bailed. There’s money to be made in the lower tiers, especially in developing markets, and HMD has an opportunity to re-establish Nokia as a trusted brand in that space. Here’s the launch vid.

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