China has a moan about Indian 5G ban

Earlier this week India started 5G equipment trials that excluded Chinese vendors and China thinks that’s bang out of order.

While there didn’t appear to be and explicit ban on Chinese vendors at the time, the Chinese embassy in India reckons there was and is not happy. For some reason China decided to frame its public statement as a response to a question from an unnamed member of the media – presumably one of the ones controlled by the Chinese state.

“In a notification issued on May 4th by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, Chinese telecommunication companies are not permitted to conduct 5G trials with Indian Telecom Service Providers. What’s your comment?” went the media query.

“We noted relevant notification, and express concern and regret that Chinese telecommunications companies have not been permitted to conduct 5G trials with Indian Telecom Service Providers in India,” responded Counsellor Wang Xiaojian.

“Relevant Chinese companies have been operating in India for years, providing mass job opportunities and making contribution to India’s infrastructure construction in telecommunications. To exclude Chinese telecommunications companies from the trials will not only harm their legitimate rights and interests, but also hinder the improvement of the Indian business environment, which is not conducive to the innovation and development of related Indian industries.

“The Chinese side hopes that India could do more to enhance mutual trust and cooperation between the two countries, and provide an open, fair, just, and non-discriminatory investment and business environment for market entities from all countries, including China, to operate and invest in India.”

It’s an interesting statement. Firstly it seems like an attempt by the Chinese to make the ban more explicit than the Indians intended. Secondly it trots out the now-familiar refrain of ‘you’re only hurting yourselves’, and lastly it puts all the onus for ‘enhancing mutual trust’ onto India. It is presumably because India doesn’t trust China that the ban was implemented in the first place, so that statement seems somewhat redundant.

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  1. Avatar Graeme Bellis 08/05/2021 @ 2:52 am

    China just doesn’t get it… or more likely are just playing the game of feigned hurt at being spurned. As with any dictatorship they can not look at themselves in the mirror and say “yeah, well I guess we have been arseholes” haha. Just because we claim territory which isn’t ours (Indian border / South China Sea) and interfere in internal affairs of others (Myanmar, Australia, South Pacific Islands, HK and Taiwan) to name a few. That’s no reason for countries not to do business with us??‍♂️ Come on China be a fair and reasonable player. Win-Lose on your terms is not in anyone’s interest.

  2. Avatar jimmy 10/05/2021 @ 3:39 am

    Reducing four global 5G RAN vendors to 2 western ones.
    Less competition, less choices, higher price.
    Good for India, “better” 5G mobile infrastructure in the future.

  3. Avatar happiman 10/05/2021 @ 11:26 pm

    There are four private companies which abide by an international rule. The other hand, there is a company which is controlled by a corrupted communist party.

    For your personal privacy, which one would you use ?

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