UK broadband speeds increased by 25% last year – Ofcom

In 2020 the average download speed of UK residential broadband services increased by 25% from 64 Mbps to 80.2 Mbps, according to new Ofcom research.

The communications regulator’s UK Home Broadband Performance report polled a sample of UK households last November. It turned out that upload speeds are improving even more rapidly, improving by 54% from 14 Mbps to 21.6 Mbps.

These improvements clearly coincide with the fibre rollout. While only a small proportion of the country currently has fibre to the premises, that number is steadily rising, as is the amount of fibre to the cabinet. The latter still represents a significant improvement over using copper the whole way but the improvements seem to be entirely down to FTTP.

You can view all the findings, including an interactive presentation, here, but we’ve copied a couple of the key slides below in case you can’t be bothered.

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