Nokia brings 5G FWA to Oman

Finnish kit vendor Nokia has helped Ooredoo Oman to offer 4G and 5G fixed wireless access to its customers.

The work started earlier this year and today they announced the availability of FWA throughout Oman. Apparently this equates to just 15,00 premises initially, with 3k more in city centres to follow. It’s still not immediately obvious what the case for FWA in urban environments is, however, as that where proper fixed line connections tend to occur, but maybe not in Muscat, or wherever.

“We are excited to have partnered with Ooredoo Oman to enable world-class FWA connectivity for its customers, and looking forward to further strengthen our collaboration,” said Rima Manna, Head of the Middle East Market Unit, Nokia MEA. “Our receivers and gateways are field proven to provide connectivity and best-in-class speed in the toughest of radio conditions which will help Ooredoo serve a larger area. The high gain antennas guarantee the most efficient use of radio airtime of any customer premise equipment, saving radio costs.”

“Fixed wireless access is a critical part of our strategy to provide high-speed internet across Oman,” said Noor Al Sulaiti, CEO of Ooredoo Oman. “Nokia’s solution offers a great 4G and 5G experience, so that more of our customers can enjoy the internet with us. The service will take connectivity to the next level, supporting the demands of our residential and business customers for superfast and reliable connectivity.”

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  1. Avatar Winfield Darcy 15/06/2021 @ 7:27 am

    “It’s still not immediately obvious what the case for FWA in urban environments is” — Not all cities have high speed fixed broadband, and so FWA can step in without the need for heavy construction work. This is especially useful in old/anicent cities where the infrastructure was built years ago, and where it may not be convenient to start digging up roads to lay fiber. Especially by leveraging 5G, FWA can still achieve fiber-like speeds.

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