SKT launches its own subscription platform

Korean telco SKT has decided the time is right to launch a suite of subscription services for its customers.

It’s called ‘T Universe’ and seems to be an aggregation of a bunch of ecommerce services, with Amazon taking centre stage. SKT has found younger people are especially keen on subscription services, leading that sector to grow rapidly, in South Korea at least. While there will be a variety of subscription packages, the headline one is called Universe Pass, which offers coupons and ‘free’ delivery for Amazon Global Store products via SKT-owned

“T Universe aims to create a new universe of subscription services that benefits both customers and business partners,” said Park Jung-ho, CEO of SKT. “By launching the subscription business that goes beyond the realm of telecommunications, we will suggest a brand new subscription lifestyle for our customers.”

The platform will go live at the end of August and will feature partnerships with a bunch of Korean and global brands, including Google, Starbucks and Xbox. For KRW 9,900 ($8.50) per month, the Universe Pass gets you the same value in coupons, Google One Membership with 100GB of cloud storage and an additional subscription product of up to the same value. SKT plans to use AI to evolve bespoke online and offline packages over time.

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