Deutsche Telekom and GenCell complete ‘zero emission’ mobile site fuel cell tests

Deutsche Telekom

German MNO Deutsche Telekom and green power manufacturer GenCell have completed joint lab tests of a hydrogen-based backup power system for mobile sites called GenCell Box.

The test was conducted at GenCell’s Tel Aviv facility and is part of a project to validate and produce zero-emission fuel cell setups which will apparently enable carbon-neutral power for Deutsche Telekom mobile sites. There are also ongoing lab tests being conducted on an ammonia-based off-grid power solution.

The next phase for the project will be to implement and test the green power tech in the wild by integrating GenCell units into working mobile sites.

“Ensuring an integrated management of clean, efficient and reliable power is key for sustainable mobile site operations,” said Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom Board member for Technology and Innovation. “Through our trials with partners we explore how intelligent solutions will enable us to efficiently harness the mix of green energy while optimizing power supply and demand at mobile sites.”

Rami Reshef, CEO at GenCell said: “GenCell is extremely pleased to cooperate with global telecom leader Deutsche Telekom and happy that they recognize the benefits that GenCell’s existing and future technologies will bring to their network. Our goal is to leverage hydrogen, ammonia and fuel cell technologies to enable telecom providers to achieve their climate objectives. At the same time, we want to ensure that they maintain the highest levels of operational and cost efficiency and continue to deliver on their customers’ quality of service expectations.”

Deutsche Telekom and GenCell will showcase the mobile power solutions next week at MWC, where green technology or sustainability projects are expected to be one of the major themes of the show.


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