Truphone seeks to make the SIM card redundant

sim cards

UK eSIM specialist Truphone is offering chip manufacturers and device makers its eSIM technology for free.

This ‘freedom is free’ offering is designed to encourage faster uptake of embedded/integrated SIM technology, which TruPhone claims has benefits around cost saving and freedom of choice for customers.

Apparently, devices will be able to reconfigure themselves to connect to any mobile operator instantly. It also claims that since there were 4.6 billion plastic sim cards produced in 2020, eliminating them would have environmental benefits, and would aid with supply chain issues.

“Having built a complete eSIM ecosystem from the ground up, Truphone is able to demolish the traditional barriers to achieving a SIM-free world,” said Michael Moorfield at Truphone. “Our vision is to remove barriers and provide access to our software that will enable global players and innovative start-ups to embrace eSIM in all of their products.”

Truphone asserts that the integration of eSIM technology as opposed to physical sim cards has been perceived as costly and complex by the wider telco world, which is a barrier it intends to remove by making its software available for free. It seems inevitable that this technology and its iSIM evolution will become mainstream before long, so Truphone is wise to position itself as a trailblazer.



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