Vodafone donates 3,000 active smartphones to refugees


UK MNO Vodafone says it is donating 3,000 connected smartphones and 1,000 portable chargers to refuges including those fleeing Ukraine

Vodafone says it is working with Charity Refugee council to distribute the equipment and has extended its Tech Appeal programme which allows individuals and businesses to donate more tech. It also recently announced that it would offer free connectivity to 200,000 refugees arriving in the UK from Ukraine.

The Refugee Council works with 14,000 refugees and those seeking asylum in the UK a year with help like with securing accommodation, finding English lessons, registering for a GP, opening a bank account, or therapy.

“We are doing what we can to support those fleeing Ukraine, with a focus on keeping people connected,” said Ahmed Essam, CEO, Vodafone UK. “I’m pleased to be working with Refugee Council to provide free smartphones, tablets and connectivity to help people access vital support services and stay in touch with friends and family. We hope this will help make arriving in the UK a little easier.”

Tamsin Baxter, Executive Director of Fund Raising and External Affairs at Refugee Council added: “We are working hard to prepare for the arrival of refugees from Ukraine and are ready to help them recover and rebuild their lives after the trauma they’ve faced. It’s brilliant to see companies like Vodafone supporting our work. When you have lost so much, connectivity to those you love is invaluable; these phones could make the difference between speaking to a husband, children or parents who have been left behind, or not. That is absolutely a lifeline.”

Those wishing to get involved by donating old smartphones for refugees fleeing the current crisis in Ukraine can head over to


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