Tata Digital finally launches its ‘super-app’

Indian conglomerate Tata Group has launched a new app that aims to aggregate all its digital offerings in once place.

It’s called Tata Neu and, according to the press release, it’s all about ‘combining the power of various consumer brands of the Tata Group to deliver a superior experience.’ Since Tata is one of the biggest companies in India, and has interests across the whole range of stuff that people might want to buy, it might just be one of the few companies in the world that has a healthy chance at pulling something like this off.

“The journey of Tata Neu has begun with a cumulative consumer base of 120 million users, 2,500 offline stores, along with an 80 million app footprint across our digital assets,” said Pratik Pal, CEO of Tata Digital. “We have over a dozen category-leading consumer brands ranging from electronics, fashion, travel, hospitality, groceries, pharmacy, and financial services. We believe that with Tata Neu, we will create a highly differentiated consumer platform.”

“The Indian digital ecosystem is poised for massive growth over the next decade, with radically new consumption patterns and behaviour in every category,” said Mukesh Bansal, President, Tata Digital. “We will witness unprecedented levels of digital transformation that will be heavily influenced by the customer. We are deeply committed to participate in and shape that transition, by pioneering new business models, and delivering unique solutions to the market.”

It looks like Tata Neu has taken a bit longer to turn up than hoped and the vids below were published onto YouTube four months ago. It does seems to have a high level of complexity, including an in app currency called, inevitably, NeuCoin, that seems to serve some kind of loyalty reward function. Asia is ahead of the game when it comes to grand, unifying apps such as this and, if it does well, it wouldn’t be surprising to see western equivalents before long.


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